So Much Light Reinterprets His Favorite Song From Donkey Kong Country

So Much Light has reinterpreted his favorite song from Donkey Kong Country as a sad boy R&B jam, and it's as amazing as you can imagine. Listen to the track, “The Barrel Keeps Rolling Forever” below! 

So Much Light (aka Damien Verrett) has this to say about the song;

“The song is originally called Stickerbrush Symphony by the composer for all of the Donkey Kong Country games David Wise. This song in particular is really popular among people who are into video game music. It's kind of the magnum opus as far as songs from Donkey Kong Country go.

Growing up with video games I was always fascinated with the soundtracks and their ability to transport the player into different environments. The level this song plays in is called Bramble Blast. It's set in this tree top world full of thorny plants that you're flying around jumping in and out of barrels. I don't imagine "tree top monkey adventure" is an easy vibe to capture, but I think David Wise did a damn good job. It's a super challenging level so it helps that the music is as good as it is. The song might be just 3 minutes long but if you're stuck on one part of the level for an hour you're going to hear it play over and over again.

The song has a lot of nostalgic significance to me. It reminds me of rainy afternoons in my best friend's living room devoting days of our time to beating these totally arbitrary games.”