Midnight Mob Releases New Music Video For "Ghosts"

Fronted by raspy-voiced powerhouse Blackey Deathproof, Midnight Mob are truly a force to be reckoned with. The bold quartet finally unleashed their new Honest Brutal Glorious EP after working nonstop for nearly three years, a release bound to give listeners the ride of their life from start to finish. In celebration of that dedication and continued support from their loyal fans, the Mob are sharing a fresh visual for "Ghosts." The song and the video perfectly capture the band's tenacity through intense riffage complemented by deeply introspective lyrics, and the video guides viewers through deep woods and dark thoughts. 

"Ghosts" is a combination of the conversations I had to have with my friends, band, family, and guy I was seeing when I was confronting some dark issues I was holding onto for years.The song became about telling the truth and trying to do the right thing even if it hurts and people don't understand. If you love someone or something you have to find out what's true and be who you are," shares Blackey. 

"Director Adam Bailey really did a lovely job with this video. I leave a shanty home and step into the deep dark twisted woods. We came across this group of massive fallen trees from Hurricane Sandy that just looked like an impossible scary tangled mess. That's exactly how I felt!," she continues. "I eventually climb through it but then I'm confronted by these lights and running for dear life. Am I running from my problems or afraid of the solution and what it will cost us? Eventually after running I turn and face it whatever it is. Is it a friend or foe? What would it be for you?"