Sleeptalk Sign With Gold Standard Records & Release New Music Video For "Indio, California"

Sleeptalk is celebrating their signing with Gold Standard Records (Artery Recordings) by premiering a music video for their new single "Indio California." The video, which was directed and shot by Shadow Born Group, portrays the idea of not being afraid to express yourself and to always know there is light at the end of the tunnel. The lyrics, however, are inspired by an annual concert series that the band regularly attends.

"'Indio, California' is a love song," says vocalist Anthony Fitzpatrick. "The song is based off experiences at the Coachella Music Festival. Every year myself and a large group of friends gather together and camp out at the festival. When you step onto those Polo fields you instantly gain this positive/beautiful energy, It feels like that is the only place in the world. 'Indio, California' is about those experiences. The type of experiences everyone longs for."

"Indio, California" is available now on iTunes.