Shiny Wet Machine Release First Single, "Stun Gun"

Shiny Wet Machine, the new collaborative project between Sizzy Rocket and Alex Fittz from The Kickdrums have released their first single, "Stun Gun." The song, which originally premiered on punktastic, is the first track from the band's debut EP due out next year.

The band had this to say about the track, which can be heard below:

"To me, the essence of punk is violence. Not harmful violence but angsty, teenage, feminine "I'm in your face and I'm gonna fuck you up" violence. So I wanted to capture that with this video by being tied up in a trunk and drinking "poisoned" kool aid. 

We shot the whole thing in a food 4 less parking lot in hollywood in about 12 hours. The security guard didn't even care, he ended up watching and bumming cigarettes from us. Shooting videos and making content without a corporate budget is my favorite because it forces you to be creative and use your resources. And obviously as a two piece punk band from brooklyn we don't need much to make something reactionary."