JuTaun Release New Live Video For "My Dear"

JuTaun have released a stunning new live video for their song, "My Dear," the lead single from their newly released EP, Back To Life. 

The band states that their Back to Life EP not only reflects their diversity, but also showcases the influence of the greats on their sound. Tracks like “My Dear” and  “Let It Die” blend classic guitar riffs with driving, upbeat bass and drums to coincide with lyrics fit for any time period. “Back to Life” shows off their passion for reggae, before it transitions into a powerful anthem. With resounding harmonies and a tangible passion for life, JuTaun's Back to Life EP is a perfect introduction to this band and their future. 

JuTaun will be playing their EP release show on January 5th at Milkboy in Philadelphia, and the live video for "My Dear," which can be seen below, is sure to make fans excited to catch the show!