Of Monsters And Men Release Lyric Video For "We Sink"

Photo Credit: Meredith Truax

Photo Credit: Meredith Truax

Today, Of Monsters and Men have released the final lyric video for “We Sink” from their critically acclaimed album Beneath The Skin. The band worked together with the Icelandic Red Cross, ICRC and the UNHCR to connect with refugees living in their home country of Iceland to be featured in the video. The powerful visual not only helps bring “We Sink” to life but strives to raise awareness of the current global refugee crisis.

In addition, Of Monsters and Men with the ICRC have created a donation page to help raise funds. For more information and ways to help, please visit: www.icrc.org/omam

"We are happy to present “We Sink” - the final lyric video from our album Beneath The Skin. The idea behind the series of lyric videos for this album was to have a different person perform and interpret each song on the album in their own way. In doing that, we felt that we would be celebrating people's differences as well as their similarities and that although we may in fact seem different from each other in many ways, we are all human and deserve basic human rights. For this last video we wanted to connect this theme to, as the Red Cross puts it, “one of the most daunting humanitarian crises in decades.” Currently an estimated 65 million people are fleeing their homes and looking for safe places to live their lives. 

 We contacted the Icelandic Red Cross and had them connect us with refugees in our home country of Iceland to be featured in this video. They, like most of us, have stories of love, pain, family, loss and happiness. But unlike many of us, they also have a stories of needing to leave their home countries in search of a safe places to live. Something that should be a given for all of us but sadly isn’t. 

We would like this video to serve as a reminder that although we may not choose the situations we are born into, we can choose how we help and treat those in need. And that no matter our differences, we all deserve to live in a world without violence and hatred and in one with more peace and kindness." 

Love & respect to all -

Of Monsters and Men