The Sleeping Sounds Release New Single "Figure It Out"

Photo Credit: Lily McLaughlin

Photo Credit: Lily McLaughlin

Cleveland-based indie-pop trio The Sleeping Sounds has released a music video for their first single "Figure it Out" on VEVO. The soulful and intricate pop groove tells a poignant tale of addiction and depression.

"The song is based completely on a true story of a girl I had dated who had went completely down the wrong path," says guitarist Anthony Lauletta. "She lived a life haunted by addiction and anxiety, making all of the wrong decisions in hopes she would become somebody. While her story's a bit extreme, the girl in this song could be anyone... at one point or another, we've all walked the line of having a big ego, but low self-worth. We've all felt that discontent."

The video was directed by Ned Ingalls and shot at The Foundry Concert Club in Cleveland, Ohio. Purchase "Figure it Out" now on iTunes.

Watch "Figure It Out" Below: