Listen To Aleko's New Single "Waiting"

Linwood, NJ's very own Aleko has unveiled his latest masterpiece,  "Waiting" a song for anyone that's ever felt like they have to search for something to make them happy, rather than waiting for it. The song follows his successful 2015 debut EP, Amity, and re-introduces his unique blend of genres. Unlike most artists, Aleko creatively encompases an Indie meets Americana sound with an R&B/Pop flair to create a modulated singing style and soothing instrumentation. Working alongside famed producer, Trevor Leonard, the two set out to create a song that would move listeners to determine their own path to happiness. The song envisions two characters, one seeking love and acceptance and the other patiently waiting for it. Aleko offers no solution on the right or wrong path, he simply leaves it up to the listener to choose their destiny. In a song that is as inspirational as intuitive, Aleko crafted a thought-provoking song that should encourage others to take a leap of faith and never hold back. Aleko continues,

"The storytelling stance of these lyrics is that the first half portrays someone who's just been waiting for something to happen, to actually love someone in a way that no-one else has loved them. The second half is referencing someone who's been openly searching, wearing their heart on their sleeve, and loving everyone who gives them the time of day; unfortunately, never having it reciprocated. I like to think there's a connection between these two people, sort of like two halves of a whole."

Listen to "Waiting" below: