Lick Twist Release New Single "Let Me Down"

NYC’s LICK TWIST has released their new single “Let Me Down,” featuring the vocals of dynamic musician Larry Edoff. The track premiered exclusively at Surviving the Golden Age, who refers to it as "like something off the Drive soundtrack."

Jed Klebanow and Daniel Oron have been creating music together since they were 10 years old. Now both 21, the two have made their passion a full time gig and started putting out original self-produced tracks in 2015. By writing all of their own lyrics to their tracks in addition to producing, Lick Twist pours their hearts into what they do. With hopes to work with and produce for major artists in the future, Daniel and Jed are well on their way to establishing their own brand that reaches from beyond the bounds of a single genre. The group’s most recent single, “Lost & Lonely VIP,” reached a modest 100,000+ streams on Soundcloud in its first two weeks.

"This is a record we wrote with one of our closest friends, Larry Edoff, in 2013,” the duo explains. “We weren’t sure if it was ever going to get released, but we’re happy to finally be able to share it with our fans. As always, we’ve used a combination of electronic and acoustic elements to create a one-of-a-kind soundscape. It’s the beginning of our journey away from EDM towards more soul based, pop music.”

Listen To "Let Me Down" Below: