Anakin, San Diego’s next big alternative rock band, has debuted a new video for their single “Satellite” today with The track is taken from their critically acclaimed new record Celestial Frequency Shifter, that’s available now at iTunesAmazon and from No Sleep Records at

Watch Anakin’s new video for “Satellite” at AltPress.com

"We teamed up with Fernando Cordero at Industrial Films to create the "Satellite" music video because we were so stoked on what he had done with our "Send/Receive" music video back in 2012,” says drummer Brad Chancellor. The idea to have toy robots star in these mini-movies is so rad to me. I wanted Fernando to direct the video based on what he believed "Satellite" was about. I didn't want to have too much input on the visuals this time around because I think it's awesome to see how others interpret our music. We could not have been happier with the end result. I mean, seriously, who doesn't love robots?!"