Nashville rock band Daisyhead has debuted a new song called “Lost Her” today at Absolutepunk.net. The track is featured on their upcoming, debut full-length record, The Smallest Light, that’s due out on March 3rd viaNo Sleep Records.

Fans are invited to pre-order The Smallest Light from No Sleep at https://nosleeprecords.com/product/7501 and stream “Lost Her” now at Absolutepunk.net (http://apdot.net/1uVKXob).

“”Lost Her” is a sequel to the story of our I Couldn't Face You EP,” says vocalist/guitarist Michael Roe. “It is about a doctor who had a patient he could not save, and he has to tell the family of the patient. I have always wondered if that part of working in a hospital ever gets easier after doing it so many times.”

Daisyhead’s long-awaited full-length record features eleven songs that incorporate elements of indie-rock, pop-punk and alternative rock for an accessible and compelling listening experience. Tracks such as the newly released songs “Lost Her” and “Take,” showcase a band that’s come of age in the burgeoning indie-punk scene and ready to prove themselves to fans around the world with the upcoming release of The Smallest Light.

Daisyhead Tour Dates:

Mar 6 - Nashville, TN - The End (Record Release Show)