Swedish visionary label Burning Heart, just relaunched by legendary founder Peter Ahlqvist, and Giuda, the Italian band that Vice Magazine labeled as “a gang of Italian glitter-rock revivalist recording 2013′s finest new album”, announce they’ve signed a contract of recording and management for the release and work together of Giuda’s next album, their third, expected by the beginning of 2016.

Burning Heart Records, for 20 years a genre defining Punk(rock) and Metal/Hard(core) label, spawning and featuring acclaimed and successful bands such as The Hives, Refused, Turbonegro, Parkway Drive and Millencolin, was recently reborn again from its ashes by his mentor and founder Peter Ahlqvist, who got back the name and trademark of his creature in late2014, now relaunching the legendary music brand with a new business model and competitive asset.

Peter Ahlqvist says:

“Stoked to be back and now being able to present and work such a great band as the first new act signed . I immediately fell in love with the peculiar chemistry of energy and innovation in Giuda’s music, straight rock’n’roll with hints of Brit glam rock and punk influences rooted back in the Seventies: a foot-stomping, fist-pumping riot of sound, convincing and real fun”.

Guida is a band that shows extraordinary potential, and are at the same time already acclaimed by the international scene of both fans and seminal media such as Mojo, The Guardian, Vice, NME and alike.

The band, a five piece act from Rome with 2 albums under its belt – “Racey Roller” released in 2010 e “Let’s Do It Again” in 2013 – more than 100 gigs in the latest 18 months in Europe, Uk and the US, hail the signing to Burning Heart with deep relish:

It’s a big honour for us to join the roster of such a glorious and legendary music brand to build up and expand our international reputation. We’re proud because Burning Heart sees Giuda as a valuable diamond point, to represent their rebirth on the international music scene, where they’ve been a focus key player and leading actor through many years”