Under Paris Sign with Imminence Records, ARTISTdirect Exclusively Premiering First Single from March 31st Full length Entitled 'Transitions'

After two successful independent releases, metalcore outfit Under Paris are pleased to announce that they have signed to Imminence Records and have partnered up with ARTISTdirect to exclusively premiere their first single of their forthcoming full length Transitions. The single, entitled “At Peace,” features guest vocals from The Color Morale’s Garret Rapp and may be heardHERE. Under Paris blends many elements of present day metalcore with the nostalgic, melodic songwriting of “golden age” Victory Records-era bands. The result is a catchy, heavy trip that satisfies from every angle. Vocalist Michael Alexander shows his excitement to see the band’s hard work over the past two years pay off by saying, “For the last two years we've all made sacrifices to keep pushing ourselves and the band to that next level and reach our goal of being signed, now that we've found a home with people who believe in us it's time to make some new goals and keep pushing!”

Transitions, unlike their past EP Our Stories, benefits from having the entire band involved in the 10-month writing process that allowed Under Paris to polish the final results with the help of Aaron Isaacson at Sound in Silence Recordings. Of the album, Michael says fans can expect a broadened sound that visits almost every genre of ‘core’ while keeping true to their sound. On how Garret Rapp became involved, Michael had approached him after knowing him in the scene for several years and explained that Rapp was excited to contribute to the track and wrote his own lyrics to the finished music. The result is a track that Michael feels perfectly represents the band’s unique sound, and their philosophy of pushing through the worst life has to offer and coming out the other side smiling. Under Paris also plans to get out on the road as much as possible during 2015 in support of their new album.