NEEDS Debut New Single on Noisey, Announce Self-Titled LP

Vancouver's chaotic NEEDS are sharing their energetic and scathing new single "We Forgot The Records To Our Record Release Show" the first single from the band's upcoming self-titled full length debut, Needs. Due out on May 12th via File Under: Music(Slam Dunk, Dan Mangan, Anchoress), the song captures the band's reckless post-hardcore screech and explosive punk intensity with a heavy dose of self-aware humor.

Noisey premiered the song in the States stating, "Thank god for post-ironic bands who appreciate the absurdity of what they’re doing, bands like Vancouver's NEEDS... they have a sense of humor about themselves, a fact which they drive home in the song’s defeated, self-questioning opening line" describing the band's sound as "a blast of frenetic energy that can only come out of riding that fine line between frustration and despair".

NEEDS' sound isn't all carnage and mayhem though, there's an undeniable sense of control and well crafted song-writing tucked within the chaos. Don't let a bit of polish fool you though, NEEDS are still very much unpredictable and live their show has cemented them as one of Canada's best up-and-comers, earning the band shows with Fucked Up, White Lung, Perfect Pussy, Trash Talk, Single Mothers, and many others. The band will be bringing their show on the road throughout North America this year, including a stop at SXSW 2015.