idobi Radio Launches ANTHM, Spotlighting "On the Verge" Indie Rock Artists

idobi Network, the leading onlineradio network, is branching out into the world of indie to bring listeners the best developing indie rock artists with a sprinkling of indie hits, only on idobi Anthm.

Since 1999, idobi Radio has helped fans discover new music trends from all over the world, drawing in over 5.4 million listeners every monthidobishowcases the next big names long before they hit the bigtime, and shines a light on fresh new talent.

With a battle cry of "music on the brink and beyond the main," idobi Anthm is the new go-to station for anyone who wants to hear something different on the airwaves, without any rules. Anthm listeners have grown up on idobi Radio's classic pop-punk and mainstream alternative, and are open-minded music lovers, festival goers, and young connoisseurs. They're always searching for something new; that's where Anthm comes in. Streaming online all day, every day, the station will feature music from the likes of MGMT, Smallpools, The Kooks, Spoon, Vampire Weekend, Ty Segall and others.

Tune in now at or using the TuneIn app.

As fans of idobi continue to expand their music tastes, they often start to explore genre. They want to stay ahead of the curve, and that's what Anthm's indie sound is all about. With Anthm, it's time to reward their passion for music discovery.