Hi Ho Silver, Away! Releases New Album on It's Alive Records


Santa Barbara, CA pop punk outfit Hi Ho Silver, Away! have released their the full-length album Chore on It's Alive Records. You can purchase physical copies in the It's Alive store, and digital copies on the band'sBandcamp, as well as It's Alive Records Bandcamp.

"I love a three piece band that can sound so full. Hi Ho Silver, Away! leave nothing for wanting on Chore. Everything you need is offered up in just the right amount at just the right time. Deeply personal lyrical content delivered by urgent and pained vocals. Guitar fills the comforting airy space in every song with clear and determined intention. Bass rhythms alter between the slow steady and frantic spastic. And when you find yourself slapping your thighs with the rhythm and stomping your feet with the beat, you will know the drums are doing it up good and proper." - Adam Alive (It's Alive Records)

Chore Track Listing:

1. Shorthand
2. Empty Gestures
3. Alvarado Sleepwalker
4. Split Shift
5. Juarez St.
6. Power Dynamics
7. The Cove
8. John Adams Park
9. LeSabre
10. Verbatim