Dream Ritual Stream Debut EP Via AbsolutePunk

Springfield, Missouri alt-rockers, DREAM RITUAL, and AbsolutePunk have joined up to stream the band's self-titled debut EP.  Due out December 9th, via 6131 Records, the six song effort doesn't sound like a debut so much as a fully realized and assured vision.  

DREAM RITUAL are a band out of time.  Their behemoth riffs and keen sense of melody would have topped the rock charts 20 years ago, however, the band is more than just straight forward 90s worship.  Rock, post-hardcore, and even psychedelic elements blend together, to form a sound that pays homage to DREAM RITUAL's influences, while remaining fresh.  

Despite a relatively long 27-minute run time, DREAM RITUAL's debut never loses steam and remains a captivating listen.  Through all the pulsating grooves and tremendous riffs, the band demonstrates an undeniable affinity for crafting hooks. 

Stream DREAM RITUAL's self-titled EP via AboslutePunk: