Gritty, organic and true to it's roots rock-n'-roll, The Grape And The Grain recently released their self-titled full-length. Melding blues, folk and hard rock elements, their sound spans genres seamlessly, building a whole new realm of their own.

Guitarist Daniel Grimsland (of the band "3") began The Grape And the Grain as a solo project in 2012, releasing a short album and recruiting friends to help him continue the project – which bloomed into the present-day band. “We all are writers and multi-instrumentalists,” he said. “Having grown up together, we have a pretty good understanding of where each of us is trying to go musically, and all that makes for a very easy, open, and inviting writing process.”

Self-produced, the album was recorded at Applehead Studio and mixed by Chris Bittner and Michael Birnbaum (work includes Coheed and Cambria, Weerd Science, Bad Brains, Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes, and Team Sleep). Done over the course of the year in intermediate recording sessions, the band took a very practical and natural approach, developing new songs and churning fresh ideas. 

“I think this year is about getting on the road and getting our record out there,” said Grimsland. “We love to play live, and we want to do that as much as we can. We have also already begun writing new material, so who knows, we may even get back into the studio in 2015...”

The band is planning a Febrary/March tour to support the release, and custom vinyl is also in development via Boneshaker RecordsThe Grape And The Grain can be found on Itunes [link], Bandcamp [link], CDBaby [link] and other digital retailers.