KIT Releases "Through The Fire" EP & Official Music Video "Your Ghost"

Producer and writer KIT has released his much anticipated "Through The Fire" debut EP, a 6 track electronic-rock-pop filled journey that shows the world why you should be following this rapidly ascending star.

This EP is the culmination of all the music that has inspired me on my journey as a writer and producer. With songs ranging from hard hitting rock to crooning ballads... There's something on it for everyone. It's pop music for sure... through and through. But it's not run of the mill. That's what makes it awesome. It's Bad Ass, Aggro POP. - KIT

KIT "Through The Fire" Track Listing

1) More Than Gravity 
2) Hail to The King 
3) Lover Like The Moonlight 
4) The Kiss of Death 
5) Like I Do 
6) Your Ghost