Capture's Jeffrey Wellfare Talks Rebranding & Writing New Music: "I Want to do the Right Thing by the Music and the People Involved."

Since forming in 2010, Australian Metalcore Outfit, Capture The Crown has been constantly releasing new music and steadily building up a reputation as a dominant live act and band to watch. Flash forward seven years and that still rings true, despite how much has changed for the band, who recently surprised fans by rebranding and essentially starting over with clean slate as Capture. With new members, a new sound and an incredibly strong work ethic, Capture are gearing up to take this year (and even 2018) by storm. As vocalist Jeffrey Wellfare puts it, Capture is coming back stronger than ever. 

Interview by Dom Vigil

First and foremost, you guys just recently debuted your new name and new identity as Capture. As a band that has been building a name for yourselves as Capture The Crown for years, why was it important to you to make this change now?

We found it important to rebrand as 'Capture' for several reasons. Mainly due to new members, new sound, new intended direction and to wipe the slate clean and freshen up the CTC brand. People that have followed the band for years would know there has been many changes in this time and would understand it's time for change. This is a very important album for us and particularly myself, so I want to do the right thing by the music and the people involved. 

What does the transformation to Capture signify for you?

It marks a new chapter and wipes the slate clean for Capture and for myself.

You also just released your new single, “Dingbats”. Can you tell us a little bit about what inspired this track?

When writing the lyrics for this track, I had watched the Little Rascals days before and as corny it might sound, It reminded me of me being young and careless and not knowing of the evil in this world outside my backyard. It reminded me of being with my friends and running a muck. I immediately wanted to write a song that embodied good memories, good people, and being young and reckless with no consequence. It’s somewhat a ballad of youth.

Later this year, you’ll be releasing your new album of the same name. What were some goals you had in mind when writing and recording this album?

Coming into this writing process we didn't know what we wanted. We had material written though we didn't know the direction we wanted to push it in. We did know that we wanted something remarkably different. We wanted to cross switch genres and make it work smoothly within an album. We wanted to take the listener on a journey and make it exciting and catchy. I think we accomplished that. 

Were there any challenges you faced when working on the album?

Just some minor time constraints. We were very picky with what we wanted. In particular, I wrote the albums lyrics about 9 times before being happy with them, and even now there's things I'd like to change.

What were some of the highlights of working on these songs?

They were all so different, writing and vibe wise. It  kept the process interesting and exciting!

What can fans expect from these future Capture songs?

A mixed bag of lollies would perfectly describe what is coming.

Do you have any other big plans or goals for the rest of 2017?

We have set some really high goals for 2018. As for 2017, we repair, rebuild and rebrand. I wanna get Capture back on the road and have a strong album release with some additional incentives. 

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you for the time, Prelude! Capture is coming back stronger than ever. Brace yourselves.