Ships Have Sailed Talk About New Single, "Up" & More: "The World Truly Needs More Love, Understanding, Empathy and Positive Vibes"

Ships Have Sailed have one goal for 2017, and that is not to set any goals. Giving the band plenty of room to grow and take every opportunity presented to them, this is already proving to be successful, especially with the recent release of their positive new single, "Up." There's no telling what the future could hold for this LA indie-pop duo, but whatever it is - more new music, tour dates or hopefully even a video - we can't wait! 

Interview by Dom Vigil

Can you tell us a little bit about Ships Have Sailed for anyone who might not be familiar?

Of course! We're an Indie Pop duo based in Los Angeles, focusing on thoughtful, often uplifting, conscious songwriting.

You guys had a very busy 2016 with the release of your acoustic EP, Whispers as well as plenty of tour dates. What was the highlight of your year?

To be honest, it's really hard to pick just one! If I absolutely had to pick, I would have to say winning Best Alternative Song for our track 'Drive' at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards - that would have to be it...but so many other wonderful things happened last year it really is difficult to choose.  We've been really fortunate!

Going into 2017, do you have any big goals that you’d like to achieve?

Actually, the 'goal' for 2017 is really to try not to have goals!  It sounds weird, but what I've noticed is that making goals (while it can be great, don't get me wrong) has thrown us for a bit of a loop when unexpected situations arise, so no goals specifically for this calendar year, we're just taking things as they come!  Definitely we're finding ourselves in a creative place, however, so we're looking forward to writing and potentially getting back into the studio!

You also just released your new song, “Up” last week. Can you tell us a little bit about the track?

Absolutely! So we've already talked a bit about the good things that happened last year, but those were accompanied by several not-so-great things... which is kind of how life works sometimes. I wrote 'Up' when I was in a very paradoxical mood... I was low in the moment, but high (not in a chemical sense) at the same time if that makes any sense. What ultimately came out of that moment is a song that I believe is our best work to date.  It's intimate, but large, huge, but understated at times, and above all, it's an anthem of hope that everyone can hopefully use to pick themselves up from whatever it is they're fighting through at any given time.

What would you like listeners to take away from “Up” or your music in general?

Well, I personally believe that the world truly needs more love, understanding, empathy and positive vibes.  Although some of our tunes can be a bit dark, we really are trying to put positive energy out into the world, and spread a message that is uplifting and inspirational.  It's a beautiful world we live in, and humans are incredible creatures - we're all very lucky to be able to experience what we do in a lifetime, and that (in a general sense) is what we do our best to express through our music.

With “Up” out now, can fans expect any more new music soon? Maybe a new EP or a full-length?

What I can say is that there's nothing lined up behind 'Up' except, perhaps, a music video... ;-)  Truthfully, it's unclear what the year holds for us - we have a couple really interesting opportunities that could conspire to get us out on the road again, and if that happens, it's a little tough to be in the studio at the same time, so we're keeping our minds open about our plans for the year, although there are definitely some great songs brewing for the future... it's just unclear when they'll be born!

Do you have any plans to hit the road again this year?

Like I said, there are a few very interesting opportunities in the works, but nothing solid.  We did start the year out strong by playing Springboard West (a music festival) in San Diego the very first weekend of the New Year, so that was amazing.  Opportunities like that present themselves, and it's really impossible to say no... plus we love playing live, so chances are we will be out and about at least a bit!

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you so much for the opportunity to do so!  Also thanks to everyone reading our ramblings...stay tuned for more details about 'Up' and keep in touch as the year develops...maybe we'll see you out on the road, say hi from the studio, or both! :-)