Q&A with Filmspeed: "Our Little Group of Weirdos Is Happy to Have You"

Alternative power-rock trio Filmspeed are no strangers to the hard work that goes into creating an album. From recording infamous "phone memo-demos" to tracking everything and overseeing the entire creative process, the band has had their hands on everything when it comes to their upcoming release, Hexadecimal. Out October 13th, the 11-track collection of songs isn't confined to one single genre, drawing influence from a wide range of music such as new wave, hard rock, grunge, and pop rock to create something entirely unique. 

SUR Talks About His Debut Single, "Lean Back" and Plans for 2018

SUR, the brainchild of Northern California bred musician/producer Zack Arnett was born following a fateful trip to Big Sur, which set him out on a quest to create new music inspired by love, violence and nature. Driven by the feeling of suffocation in California contrasting with the freedom of the wild, SUR's music is soulful and larger than life and his foot-stomping new anthem, "Lean Back" is sure to find him a home in the indie/pop music scene. 

INTERVIEW: Megan Davies Talks About Opening up on "Bad Poetry"

Nashville singer-songwriter Megan Davies is well known among the YouTube community and her one million subscribers for her creative covers, but with her debut EP, Bad Poetry, she has proven that she's capable of creating strong original content as well. The five refreshing and whimsical songs on Bad Poetry are a direct reflection of Davies as she bares her soul using creative arrangements and sincere lyrics.

Chris Alfieri of Vattnet Opens Up About the Band's New Sound: "We Just Wanted to Make a Record we Always Wanted to Hear"

Vattnet have always found themselves as the odd band out, so it only makes sense that their origin story is a bit unconventional. Formed in 2010 under their former name of Vattnet Viskar, the now trio rode the line between American black metal and a more experimental sound - a sound that they'd find themselves chasing after only a few years down the road.

INTERVIEW: SondorBlue Talk New Music and Their Growth as a Band

It's hard not to feel inspired by Charleston, South Carolina quartet, SondorBlue. Whether it's their positive outlook on the music that they write or the current theme of brotherly love and a sense of family on their newest single, "Ashley Ave" and upcoming EP, SondorBlue are quickly garnering some well deserved attention. 

INTERVIEW: TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb Talk About Expanding on Their Unique Sound on "Dancing out the Door"


TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb are truly one of a kind. The Philadelphia quartet has carved out a little niche for themselves in a genre that lies somewhere between americana, punk, blues and 60's garage rock that fans have aptly dubbed "post apocalyptic blues." Frantic instrumentals, which include piano, organ, horns and harmonica coupled the traditional lineup of guitar, drums and upright bass (yes, there really are only four members in the band) situate perfectly alongside vocalist Dan Bruskewicz's deep baritone and dark lyricism. 

Q&A with Company Of Thieves

Earlier this summer, indie trio Company Of Thieves released "Treasure," their first new single in six years and announced that they would be reuniting for a run of tour dates. Today, the band embarks on their highly anticipated tour, which will take them to select cities across the U.S., including a Denver stop at The Walnut Room on September 27th. 

INTERVIEW: Leave The Universe Discuss "N.W.O.," Their Diverse Sound & Plans for the Future

Leave The Universe's dynamic sound (best described as alt rock/trap) and their willingness to break down walls and discuss a wide variety of topics such as politics, isolation, depression and mental illness makes them just the band the music scene needs right now. The trio's first studio EP, N.W.O. finds them not only exploring the depths of their sound, but also diving deep lyrically in order to open up a discussion among listeners.

INTERVIEW: Coast Modern Discuss Their Debut Album and Upcoming Tour Dates

Sun-drenched LA duo, Coast Modern have had one hell of a year. After kicking things off with their stint on the Advanced Placement tour in the spring, they dropped their highly anticipated self-titled debut album and now, they've hit the road for a run of fall tour dates to bring 2017 to an exciting close. With a headlining show at Globe Hall in Denver this month, we sat down to chat with the duo about their busy year, the new album and plans for the rest of the year, including working on their next release.

Q&A with ColinResponse: "In the Process of Creating the Songs, I Wasn’t Revisiting These Emotions, I Was Still Living Them"

Pop-soul artist ColinResponse is getting ready to release his self-titled EP on October 27th. The collection of songs serves as a representation of ColinResponse's life up until this point, filled to the brim with everything he has learned and felt over the years and making for a very personal release. With a sound reminiscent of Bruno Mars and André 3000, he presents a full, dance-worthy groove backed by his five-piece band, which includes bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, trumpet, and saxophone. 

INTERVIEW: INVSN's Dennis Lyxzén Reflects on "The Beautiful Stories" and his Desire to Write Meaningful Music

Sweden's INVSN could be classified as post-punk or dystopian pop, but what matters more than a genre or label is the meaning behind the songs. Formed by five friends with the desire to create meaningful, impactful music, INVSN initially began as a side project for those who were already involved in other ventures (take vocalist Dennis Lyxzén, for instance, who already fronts Refused and the now-defunct (International) Noise Conspiracy) but quickly grew into something more, and as time has gone by the band has gradually become their main focus.

Q&A with Sons Of Texas: "The Only Thing We Can Do for Our Scene is Serve as an Example"

It has been a wild ride for Sons Of Texas since their formation in 2013. The McAllen, Texas rock band has been going non-stop for quite some time now, following the release of their album, Baptized in the Rio Grande to now. The past few years have seen the band tour with All That Remains, HELLYEAH, Trapt and more while they also made appearances at multiple festivals such as  Houston Open AirRocklahomaRiver City RockfestWelcome to Rockville, and Loud Park 16 in Japan. 

INTERVIEW: Denver's Morning Bear on Dropping Everything for Music & His New Single, "You're Right"

Morning Bear, the orchestral indie folk project of Denver singer/songwriter, John Runnels has had quite the journey leading up to where we find him now, poised to release his latest single, "You're Right" this month. In 2014, Runnels quit his job as an engineer and bought a one-way ticket to Europe to pursue his music full time. In the years following, this drive and a passion for music has taken Morning Bear on national and international tours, most notably to Iceland where he recently penned "You're Right." 

INTERVIEW: Tim Myers Discusses the Stories on Upcoming Album, "Portraits"

Songwriter and producer Tim Myers has written or been a part of over 1,100 songs in his career, working with artists such as OneRepublic, Hailee Steinfeld, Philip Philips and more, but this fall, he's focusing on his own music with his stunning new album, Portraits. The deeply personal album focuses on those who have affected Myers' life, with each song on the collection serving as a portrait of a different person, from his wife and daughters to a close friend who died by suicide. The wide range of emotions on the album directly reflects the day to day life of any average person, making it incredibly easy to relate to while also remaining personal to Myers. 

INTERVIEW: Denver's Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs Talk About Upcoming Shows & New Music

The last year has been a busy one for Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs. Following his move from Virginia to Colorado, frontman and founding member of the quartet, Matt Rouch released his first album, The Beautiful And The Damned last spring, then quickly began searching for musicians to round out his project and get his footing in Denver. Flash forward from early 2016 to August 2017, Rouch and the rest of the band have not only established themselves as a strong group in the Denver music scene, but they're also gearing up to play a handful of live shows in Colorado throughout August, September and October.

INTERVIEW: Get to Know Minneapolis Pop-Punk Band, A Better Hand

Minneapolis' A Better Hand have everything you want from a pop-punk band - a high energy, upbeat and catchy sound, a positive message and best of all, a desire to bring their local scene closer together. Earlier this year, the band celebrated the release of their debut EP, The Longest Drive and recently, they shared the energetic and emotional live video for "So Long Goodbye." Now, they're working hard on the next step, with their next music video for "Rounding Third" out soon, a midwest tour planned in October and their full-length album already in the works. 

Q&A with American Opera: "Every Song is Therapy."

American Opera was born from necessity. Following the split of his band of eight years, John Bee found himself without a group of musicians to play with but still driven to write new music, and quickly, this new project turned into a coping mechanism and new creative outlet. Flash forward a few years, three EPs and over 300 shows, Bee is celebrating the release of Small Victories, his debut full-length album as American Opera. 

INTERVIEW: NITE's Kyle Mendes Discusses the Duo's Refined Sound on "Reborn"

From an early age, music was a huge part of Canadian-born twin brothers, Kyle and Myles Mendes' lives and beginning at the age of fifteen, the two have been writing and releasing music together. Over the years, their sound has changed and evolved, but the core duo has remained the same. Originally named Nighttime Eyes and later shortened to NITE, the pair finally found the right groove in 80's influenced dream pop and this summer, they celebrated the release of their second album, Reborn