INTERVIEW: Tropidelic Reflect on Their Busy 2017 & "Heavy Is The Head"

Cleveland, OH's Tropidelic might be far away from any oceans or tropical islands, but that doesn’t stop them from dishing out fun-loving mix of reggae, hip-hop and high energy funk for audiences across the country. With their newest album, Heavy Is The Head out now, the six-piece are diving into some of their most personal and uplifting material yet, with no topic off limits. It's just what listeners will need to keep spirits high throughout the gloomy winter months. 

INTERVIEW: FOXTRAX Talk About Their Growth Since "The Cabin" and New Music

Alternative rock trio FOXTRAX have been busy since the release of their EP, The Cabin last year. Over the summer, the band toured the country with Barnes Courtney and are just getting ready to hit the road on the west coast for their Nothing Lasts Forever tour, playing favorites from The Cabin as well as some new music that they've been releasing over the past few months. With three new singles out now and another planned to release in January, FOXTRAX aren't showing any signs of slowing down, even as the year comes to an end.

Q&A with Vicious.: "Sometimes Everything Sucks, and That’s Okay"

They say practice makes perfect, and with the amount of experience that the members of Allentown, PA rock band Vicious. have, this new project is easily some of their strongest and most confident musical endeavor to date. Formed in 2016, Vicious. is the brainchild of ex-I Am King frontman Sam Sky (Vocals), Dan Artim (Guitar), AJ Larsen (Guitar), and Chris Arcand (Bass), who all came together with a common goal to write music that isn't confined by one single sound, message or genre.

INTERVIEW: DRMCTHR Discuss Their New Identity and Bold Sound

Having faced several challenges and lineup changes since the release of their debut EP, Wonderlust in 2013, DRMCTHR are not only back with a fresh new sound, but an entirely new identity and outlook. Consisting of Chelsea Tyler (vocals), Bryan Czap (guitar), Craig Perkins (bass), and Billy Wahler (drums), the band has been turning heads with their atmospheric sound since the release of their debut and with their new full-length, Hold Your Love dropping on November 17th, they're back and better than ever.

INTERVIEW: Rosetta Talk About the Collaborative Songwriting on Their New Album, "Utopioid"

Forging ahead as a fully independent band in their fourteenth year together, Rosetta just celebrated the release of their sixth full-length album, Utopioid over the summer. Easily their most complex releases to date, Utopioid finds the post-metal group collaborating with one another more than ever, working together to create the best record possible rather than only being responsible for their own individual instruments. The result is a a heavily concept-driven release that the band is proud to be out on the road in support of now. 

Q&A with Best Behavior: "We Wanted to Create Some Really Big Songs"

With a sound deeply rooted in '60s British Invasion bands and high energy rock n' roll, Brooklyn-based garage pop band, Best Behavior are hellbent on creating songs that are worthy of screaming out the window while you drive down the highway. Following their 2015 debut album, Good Luck Bad Karma, the band went right back to work, writing, recording and touring - most of all, preparing for the next step.

The Bloody Beetroots' Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo Discusses "The Great Electronic Swindle" and the Death of Electronic Music

In the four years since The Bloody Beetroots' last album, HIDE, quite a bit has changed not only in the electronic music scene, but for the project's mastermind Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo. Following the Chaos and Confusion tour, Sir Bob began performing under pseudonym SBCR, playing smaller, more intimate clubs and further embracing the punk roots that already dug deep underneath The Bloody Beetroots' sound. Flash forward a few years, and now, The Bloody Beetroots are getting ready to release their groundbreaking new album, The Great Electronic Swindle - a rallying cry to those who desire more our of the electronic music scene and a promise to take back control.

INTERVIEW: Asher Monroe Reflects on His Debut Album, "Inner Warrior"

Multi-talented singer-songwriter and producer Asher Monroe has done it all, from his involvement as the lead singer for pop R&B boy band V Factory to writing music with Chris Brown and Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic and even acting in multiple prime time TV and film roles and appearing in extensive runs of national Broadway tours. At the beginning of 2017, only thing that Asher Monroe had yet to check off his list was his first full-length solo album, but as of last month, he has done that, too.

INTERVIEW: Charming Liars Talk About "Insomnia" and Their Upcoming Full-Length Album

Last spring, Los Angeles-by-way-of-London trio Charming Liars found themselves embracing new sounds, lush melodies and dark energy on their EP, 12:31 AM and now, the band is preparing for the next big step in their musical career, the release of their debut full-length record. Further exploring the sounds established on 12:31 AM is the band's newest single, "Insomnia," which feels like a new chapter entirely.

Q&A with Moonfall: "This EP Holds a Story For Everyone"

With a wide variety of influences from rock to EDM and a desire to reach out and touch as many people as possible, New York alternative band Moonfall are poised for greatness. Their new EP, Empty Cage, out November 3rd via Outerloop Records is a cumulation of each members' inspirations and aspirations, from bassist Mei Moor's desire to forge her own path with her talent, the urge to create an emotional outlet for vocalist Matthew Howl or even the connection that drummer Andrew Chow feels at a live show.

Q&A with Capstan: "We Are Doing Things Our Way"

Unconfined by one specific genre, Orlando quintet Capstan are blending elements of pop-punk, prog and post hardcore to create a sound that is entirely unique to them. That's what happens when you combine a physics major, music producer, guitar virtuoso, profound lyricist and hockey enthusiast who (on top of being capable of drinking an absurd amount of beer) are determined to follow their own path as musicians.

INTERVIEW: Erin and the Wildfire Talk About the Stories Behind "Thirst" and Their Growth as a Band

Six piece soul/funk band Erin and the Wildfire have been through quite a few changes since their inception in 2012, when the band began by reworking vocalist Erin Lunsford's solo material into something inspired by bluegrass and folk. Flash forward five years, and the band has truly grown into their sound with their new effort, Thirst, which dropped back in September. The album finds Erin and the Wildfire diving deeper into funk and soul, further expanding their dynamic sound and really creating a brand all their own. 

Alex Aiono Discusses New Music and His Dedication to His Fans: "All That I Can Control Right Now is How Real I Can Be with My Music"

21-year-old singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alex Aiono has had one hell of a year, and he's not showing any signs of slowing down before 2017 comes to an end. Following nearly non-stop touring this year (most recently a run with Sabrina Carpenter over the summer) Alex just recently released his newest track, "Does It Feel Like Falling," a sneak peek at his Interscope Records debut album, and that's not all he's been up to.

Q&A with J. Marco: "There’s a Lot of Angst and Longing for Better Days in Those Songs"

Long before moving to Nashville and kicking off his songwriting career, J. Marco listened to records in his Massachusetts bedroom, inspired by artists such as Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac. This was before he would join other projects before ultimately creating solo music under the name of J. Marco, and years later, he combines both of those genres and more on Days Of Surrender, his newest release and second album as a solo artist.

Summer Wars Talk About Adventure Cat Records and Their Upcoming EP: "They Are Our Best Songs Yet"

North Carolina pop-punk band Summer Wars are proof that hard work pays off. Since 2015, the band has released their debut EP, Better Days, a follow-up acoustic EP and a split, all on top of tour dates with As It Is, and they're not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. With their recent signing to the new Adventure Cat Records and plans to release another new EP before the end of the year, Summer Wars are gearing up for their biggest year and best music yet. 

INTERVIEW: Hello, Atlantic Discuss New Music and Their Growth Since "Home"

Rhode Island alternative rock band Hello, Atlantic hit the ground running in 2016 with the release of their debut EP, Home and haven't slowed down since. In the year following their formation and first release a band, Hello, Atlantic found themselves playing the main stage of the Vans Warped Tour in their hometown and moving in a new, more cohesive musical direction after splitting ways with their old guitarist.

Q&A with Benta: "Music is a Critical Aspect of Who I Am."

The identity behind multi-instrumentalist and producer Benta might be a bit of a mystery, but with just one listen to his recently released track, "Road With Seven Lanes" it'll be apparent that it's Benta's music that matters, not the face that comes along with the name. In a former life, the artist behind Benta was a signed musician by the age of fifteen. After stepping away from music six years later, though, he returned with a newfound drive and a passion to create utterly honest, hauntingly beautiful music.

ANSON Open Up About Their New EP: "Writing These Songs Took a Lot out of Me."

ANSON's upcoming EP, To Be Or Nothing At All is only their debut effort as a three-piece, but by the time you hear it in full, you'll feel as if you already know them. Consisting of an array of introspective songs about life and discovering who you are as a person, To Be Or Nothing At All is an incredibly personal release, especially for vocalist Anson Li, who only this year teamed up with fellow bandmates Zack Mueller (guitar) and George Tello (bass) to round out the band. Together, the three found commonality in self discovery, strength, and empowerment to take a risk in life.