6 Denver Shows You Don't Want to Miss in January

With the holidays coupled with chilly winter weather keeping everyone either busy or cooped up indoors this time of the year, trying to find a good concert to see in Denver throughout December and January can be a bit harder than usual. But if you're like us and hate getting stuck inside your house during the gloomy winter months, you've probably been searching high and low for something to keep you busy - preferably a good show. Although there are significantly less touring bands coming through town this time of the year (it's strange visiting Lost Lake or Larimer Lounge's website to find a nearly empty calendar) there are still quite a few shows worth braving the cold and the snow to start off the new year on a good foot! 

Below are seven shows that we can't wait to catch in January. Who are you excited to see to ring in the new year? Let us know in the comments!

1/17 - August Burns Red @ The Ogden Theatre

August Burns Red's upcoming show is a must see for many reasons. Not only does the band already put on a killer live show as it is, but this time around, they're touring in celebration of the ten-year anniversary of their monumental album, Messengers. Filled with fan-favorite tracks, "Composure," "Back Burner" and "Truth of a Liar," hearing Messengers in its entirety already promises to be incredible, and with high energy supporting acts, Protest The Hero, In Hearts Wake and '68, the entire show is bound to be chaotic from start to finish. 


1/25 - Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls @ The Fillmore Auditorium

If you've seen Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls live before, then you know that every single show is a one of a kind, wild experience and probably don't even need any more convincing. We'll see you there! But if you haven't had the chance to catch them yet, then a headlining show at The Fillmore is the way to do it! Even opening for Flogging Molly at Red Rocks back in August, Frank Turner's entire set was high energy, funny and emotional from start to finish. Dedicated fans transport a tour flag from city to city, waving it proudly at each show, and you can always guarantee that Frank will climb in the crowd to dance with fans during "Four Simple Words" later in the set. But like I said, you have to be there to really experience it, so what are you waiting for?!


1/25 - Great Good Fine Ok @ Larimer Lounge

It might be in the middle of the winter, and knowing Colorado's weather, you'll probably have to brave some snow to get there, but Great Good Fine Ok's set at Larimer Lounge is bound to make you feel like it's summer again for a few hours. With bright synth and poppy vocals (a perfect blend of sounds similar to Passion Pit and LANY) their live show promises to just what you need to shake yourself out of your winter funk. If the video for "Take It or Leave It" below doesn't sell you on them, they also just released a dreamy new song, "Everything to Me" today. Check it out here!


1/28 - Welshly Arms @ Lost Lake Lounge

Welshly Arms have managed to combine their love for of blues and soul with rock & roll to create the perfect, hard-hitting timeless sound that sets them apart from many other artists gracing the stage at Lost Lake Lounge in January. One second, they're blowing you away with Muse-like guitar and bass work, and the next, you can't help but bob your head along to some foot-stomping drums and spectacular vocal work. With a powerful sound that will hit you right in the chest, their live show promises to be mind-blowing. 


1/29 - Dan Layus @ The Bluebird Theater

Love Augustana's sound but want a more laid-back concert experience? Look no further! Vocalist Dan Layus will be performing at The Bluebird Theater in January, and if the setlists from his recent tours are anything to go by, this show promises to deliver and then some. Not only are Dan's gravely, soulful vocals enough to warm you up, but his folky new album, Dangerous Things is an emotionally powerful release - something that you're going to want to see live. That, and the possibility of seeing "Boston" acoustic makes us positively giddy. 


1/31 - Dashboard Confessional @ Summit Music Hall

Dashboard Confessional performing at a smaller venue like Summit Music Hall is something you simply don't want to miss. Although their most recent performances in Colorado at The Fillmore Auditorium and Red Rocks Amphitheatre were stellar to say the least, there's something about the intimacy of Summit that will make an emotional show like Dashboard even more powerful. This isn't on accident, either. Frontman Chris Carrabba has made apparent the importance of playing smaller venues, saying, "While I love the summer amphitheater experience and playing the old favorites to festival crowds, the place where I have always felt the purest connection with my audience has been in the clubs that I came up in. The venues where I could walk among the crowd and get to know them, the places where we erased the division between the band and the fans."


Honorable Mention: 1/28 - AFI @ The Gothic Theatre

Of course, we couldn't talk about great shows coming through Denver without mentioning AFI. If you were lucky enough to score tickets to the band's headlining show at The Gothic Theatre before they sold out almost immediately, you're in for a real treat. Not only will the band be touring in support of their highly anticipated album, AFI (The Blood Album)out January 21st, but it is also their smallest headlining gig in Denver in a very long time. If you didn't grab tickets to this one, we'll be your shoulder to cry on. (But if you did, we'll see you there!)