Front Porch Lights - Go On Ahead

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Go On Ahead, the new EP from Americana indie rockers, Front Porch Lights might be brief, but it’s made up of the exact warm, easygoing sounds that you’ll find yourself longing for this summer. Opening with the catchy “Waiting On A Miracle” and showcasing a few different sides of the band before coming to an end with the optimistic, “It’ll Pass,” Go On Ahead is perfect for long drives with the windows down or even just relaxing at home on warm summer evenings.

“Waiting On A Miracle” is the perfect first glance at Front Porch Lights, especially for anyone who might be listening to the band for the first time. Complete with piano, horns, strong lead guitar work, catchy bass hooks and soulful, inviting vocals, “Waiting On A Miracle” is incredibly full, but without sounding cluttered or too complex. Instead, the song feels very well rounded - it’s impossible to find an imperfection, even if you pick it apart piece by piece, and easy to enjoy without having to think too much.

Taking a step away from “Waiting On A Miracle” is the EP’s title track and second song, “Go On Ahead.” This one is a bit more warm and laid back, but it certainly won’t lose your interest, holding onto that same warm vibe as the opener, making it the perfect summer driving song. Then, giving us a little more diversity is the EP’s fourth track, “iFolk,” which takes a more simplistic approach and is carried by a strong rhythm section and acoustic guitars.  

“It’ll Pass” then provides listeners with a more emotional, hopeful ending. It’s a strong closer, but the downside here comes in the length of the EP. Given the amount of growth and diversity that Front Porch Lights display in these five songs, it almost feels as if things should continue, as it would certainly be amazing to hear what they’d be able to accomplish if this were a full-length. Despite this, Go On Ahead is still a great listen. EP’s can be difficult, as they only give a band a few songs to work their magic, but Front Porch Lights have done just that and then some on this release.


LISTEN TO: "Waiting On A Miracle"