Death From Above - "Freeze Me"

Review by Dom Vigil

There’s nothing quite like a Death From Above song. The duo (drummer/vocalist Sebastien Grainger and keyboardist/bassist Jesse Keeler) have practically crafted their own brand of dirty and gritty yet danceable music, and they’re keeping things going strong with their new single, “Freeze Me,” which stays true to their roots while branching out in ways you never knew you needed until now. 

“Freeze Me” will immediately stand out as a Death From Above track thanks to that signature grit and Grainger’s vocals, but it also expands on the duo’s sound quite a bit. Where much of their previous music relied mainly on strong bass hooks, they utilize the synthesizer quite bit more in this track, making for a much fuller sound without creating a stark difference between older material and new work. Vocally, things feel a bit more crisp and polished as well - in fact, the vocal performance on this track alone is one of Grainger’s best so far. But that’s not to say that signature hard-hitting Death From Above sound isn’t still there. A little over two minutes into the track, and you’ll hear some mind-blowing bass work from Keeler.  

“Freeze Me” is a perfect natural progression from Death From Above. When an artist releases new music, one can only hope that they manage to grow while still staying true to their roots - the reason fans fell in love with them in the first place - and it’s safe to say that Death From Above are well on their way there with this single. Now we just need more.