Liam Gallagher - "Wall Of Glass"

Review by Dom Vigil

“Wall Of Glass” is the punchy, in your face debut solo track from Liam Gallagher, and with his era-defining voice and unapologetic lyricism, it’s sure to hit just as hard as the song's title suggests. Carried by crunchy guitar work that promises to keep you hooked for the entire song and vocals that’ll have you singing along in no time, “Wall Of Glass” makes for the perfect debut. Although at times, the drumming can feel a little over-produced, it’s something that you’ll completely forget about halfway through your first listen. Instead, you’ll be too busy bobbing your head and singing along.

As his first single, "Wall Of Glass" shows quite a bit of promise for Gallagher's debut solo album, but honestly, that doesn't comes as much of a shock. Don’t believe me? Listen to “Wall Of Glass” now below!