RÓSA - Wasteful

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Review by Shannon Shumaker

With their new Wasteful EP, indie-pop trio RÓSA provide listeners with four stunning new tracks and further establish their celestial sound . Although a short four song EP doesn’t give any band a chance to completely explore their own sound and try new things, Wasteful will certainly hold listeners over until RÓSA inevitably do just that.

Within four songs, the band is able to showcase quite a few different sounds and moods, though. Kicking off with the dreamy opener, “Without You,” RÓSA provide a very full and well rounded track right off the bat. This first song is very moody and dark instrumentally, but stunning and bright when the first chorus hits. The pounding bass line will grab you and refuse to let go, while lyrically, the band takes you on a heartbreakingly beautiful journey.

The second song, “Alone,” despite its title, is much brighter and more upbeat than “Without You.” Carried by catchy guitar work and strong drum beat, “Alone” keeps with the celestial, dreamy feeling of the first song, which easily ties them together. Then, “Future” provides listeners with a darker side of the band.

Although these songs vary in sound and mood, they easily tie together instrumentally and vocally. The only downside here is that vocally, things do tend to feel a bit repetitive as the vocal range remains very similar throughout the EP. The complex musical landscapes help to keep things interesting, though, and the final song, “Don’t Say” does find the band exploring different vocal patterns, making for a strong close. When RÓSA does branch out, the result is absolutely stunning.  

Though short, Wasteful is a strong EP from RÓSA and a beautiful glimpse into the band's dreamy sound. These songs further establish RÓSA’s unique brand of indie-pop, and with a full-length, they’ll easily be able to expand on these sounds even more.

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