Conveyer - No Future

Review by Dom Vigil

Conveyer have returned with unrelenting force and new found energy on their new album, No Future. For the first time, the band partnered with a producer on this release and it definitely shows in the refined yet still raw and emotional quality of these songs. Instead of losing their spark, Conveyer really shines on this release.

The hard hitting sounds on No Future can be heard almost immediately. “Dust,” the album’s opening track starts things with a bang. Although short and sweet, it draws you in and makes you want to hear the rest of the album, which is exactly what a strong opener should do. From there, No Future plays almost exactly like a live performance. Songs bleed and transition easily into each other and the high energy and passionate vocals never waver.

Second song, “Whetstone” really lays the foundation for the album. Carried by chaotic drumming, powerful vocals and some of the best guitar work on the album, “Whetstone” is not only high energy but also moving. What starts as a very wild track ends on a really emotional note, and the same can be said for much of No Future.  

The unfortunate thing with many hardcore bands is that they tend to fall into comfortable and safe songwriting patterns. Although Conveyer definitely know what works for them, they do branch out on this release, though. Right when you might begin to think that some of these songs sound a little too similar, the dark “Disgrace” comes in and shakes things up. Sure, quite a few songs on this album have similar tones, but they’re certainly don’t play it safe, and “Disgrace” is proof of that. Similar to “Whetstone,” this track hosts some really powerful and energetic drumming, and the chorus stands out as it is the perfect blend of melodic and gritty. “Levity” then comes right after “Disgrace,” opening up with stunning clean guitar work and carried heavily by clean vocals - another standout.  

Lyrically and vocally, two of the strongest songs on the album are “Carrier” and “Drift.” You can really hear the emotion and desperation in the vocal work on “Carrier,” and “Drift” follows suit with lines like, “Till the end of time/I will search for you.” Coupled with a spoken word part and a larger than life sound, “Drift” really hits you in the chest.

As a whole, No Future is a very strong new chapter from Conveyer. Production-wise, this album really shines, which in turn gives the band the chance to explore new sounds and emotions. It’s the little moments that matter, too. The wild drum fills, the melodic guitar work and the vulnerable lyrics are some standout moments on No Future. It might take a few listens to really absorb it all, but hearing this album on repeat certainly won’t be a chore.  

LISTEN TO: "Whetstone" or "Drift"