The White Noise - AM/PM

Review by Dom Vigil

There isn’t a dull moment on The White Noise's new album, AM/PM. The band’s debut full-length easily blends elements of punk and hardcore with unrelenting energy and emotional melodic breaks. Just when you think you’ve figured them out, the band flips the script, keeping you on your toes.  

An explosion of energy kicks off AM/PM on “Innocent Until Birth,” capturing your attention and refusing to let go. The band’s ability to go from zero to sixty and back down within the blink of an eye is inane, leaving you hanging when the song finally comes to an end. Following the intense opener are the slightly more melodic “Bite Marks” and “Picture Day.” Both songs are incredibly catchy but still hold onto that intensity that “Innocent Until Birth” establishes.

Just when you think The White Noise might fall into the same songwriting patterns as bands similar to them though, they’re quick to shake things up. Where “Picture Day” is more on the catchy and melodic side of things, the following track, “The Best Songs Are Dead” is a chaotic, high energy punk influenced change of pace. Then comes pop-punk influenced “I Lost My Mind (In California),” which will make you do a double take just to make sure you’re still listening to the same band. It is a big change in sound that may catch you off guard at first, but by the time the chorus comes in, it’s impossible not to at least appreciate what the band has pulled off. Sure, it sounds absolutely nothing like the songs that come before it, but it’s also a testament to The White Noise’s songwriting abilities.

It’s a shame that the band doesn’t continue to expand on the new sound found on “I Lost My Mind (In California),” as the next track picks up right where “The Best Songs Are Dead” left off, but it also feels right, in a weird way. A few songs later, “Montreal” is where the chaotic buildup finally seems to come to an emotional head, and it’s a welcome change. Lyrically, “Montreal” is incredibly vulnerable as well, making for a perfect ballad to begin to bring the album to a close. Following this song is the epic “24 Hour Revenge Therapy” which flows perfectly into the emotional final track, “Sunspots.”

This album is an emotional roller coaster, but instead of feeling like you’re listening to the same song ten times in a row, each track on AM/PM offers something new and exciting all while sticking to the band’s signature sound. The White Noise know how to keep you interested, that’s for damn sure.

LISTEN TO: "Picture Day" or "I Lost My Mind (In California)"