Foxxes - Foxxes

Denver indie/psychedelic band Foxxes are creating a sound all their own on their self-titled debut album. These nine songs, while all relatively mellow and easy to listen to on the surface explore a wide range of emotions and sounds, making for a very solid release.  

Opening up the album and giving many listeners their first glimpse of Foxxes is the dreamy first track, “Patterns and Sequences.” Although the vocals can tend to get drowned out a bit, “Patterns and Sequences” is an incredibly strong opener, setting the tone of the album both lyrically and musically as the band breaks out of traditional songwriting patterns in order to forge their own sound. The following track, “Play It Safe” also serves as a commentary on Foxxes’ sound. Right away, it’s obvious that this album goes against the grain (as this song suggests lyrically) and in doing so, it stands out. Although he opening song is an interesting choice because of the mellow mood, it proves to be just right alongside the more upbeat “Play It Safe.”

As the album continues to move forward, Foxxes quickly begin expand on their sound. By the time the fourth track, “Obsession” comes in, the band really shines. Vocally, lyrically and musically, “Obsession” is easily one of the most versatile songs on the album, and this is partially due to its length, which clocks in at over eight minutes. Thankfully, this track never loses your attention, kicking off with bright, warm tones before morphing into something a little softer at about the two minute mark. The only downside here is that “Obsession” feels like the album’s peak, but comes a little early, leaving five more songs to try to follow suit.  

Thankfully, there are still a few more standout moments before the album comes to an end, though. Vocally, the sixth track, “Careful” is one of the best songs on the album, carried heavily by stunning harmonies. Bringing things to a strong close with some diverse guitar work is the final song, “Tycoon.”

Overall, Foxxes’ debut full-length is a very easy listen with each song flowing together to create one cohesive piece of music. Although these songs aren’t necessarily catchy enough to get stuck in your head after the album comes to an end, they’re definitely going to make you feel something, whether it’s the longing that shines through the vocals or the bright, twinkling moments that find their way through the guitar work. Foxxes have established a solid sound with this release and they can only grow from here.

LISTEN TO: "Obsession"