Lovely Orbiter - Gaia

Review by Nina Schirmer

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia the progressive instrumental band Lovely Orbiter are about to take flight with their debut EP Gaia. The first track on the EP called “Gaia” opens up with the sounds of nature and birds chirping, giving listeners very beautiful imagery through the sounds. The sounds of nature mixed in with several soft instrumentals cleverly blend into the sounds of harmonious rock guitars. The guitars get slightly heavier throughout the song and seem to have a metal influence but it does not make the song a heavy song. It balances really well with the serene background of the track. 

The second track, “Antibiosis” continues the EP with similar sounding guitars as the first track adding more fun breakdowns and colorful transitions. The third track on the EP “Probiosis” has a slower and darker sound adding to the story-like affect the EP gives off. Since there are no vocals, the EP allows listeners to create their own story based on what they hear. The fourth track, “At the Perfect Distance (Moving Perfectly)” has slower parts to it but they all come together to make the track very big sounding. 

The fifth track, “Dream Ecology (feat. Josh Martin)” has some really unique guitar tones, quick picking patterns, and song lot of dream-like vibes. The EP comes to a close with the track “Full Bloom” which is an intense track that ends with softer instrumentals and sounds of nature. Overall the EP is very creative, full of color and really fun to listen to.