Molehill - Hearts On Fire

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Three song EP’s are tricky. For those who are already fans of the band, it only gives about fifteen minutes of music to hold them over until the next release, and for new listeners, it only gives the band a couple of songs to prove themselves. Thankfully, Molehill do both on their new EP and third release, Hearts On Fire. From the massive opener to the more emotional closer, the band is able to explore some large production while still providing listeners with a diverse soundscape.

The opening title track kicks things off on a high note. From the confident vocals to the stellar songwriting, “Hearts On Fire” will certainly get fans excited for this short release, and as the song continues, it only builds more and more. It is easy to hear all of the layers on this track, from the shining synth to fuzzy bass, strong rhythm and stunning vocal harmonies. “Hearts On Fire” simply comes with ease.

Following the massive opener is the powerful, “Reverie.” Where “Hearts On Fire” hits hard with high energy and a catchy chorus, “Reverie” finds its power in the emotional lyrics, especially the line, “You made me the person I am.” The only flaw in this song comes in the vocals, which feel rather controlled considering the lyrical content. Thankfully, that vulnerability comes out right before the end, though.

These three songs do a great job at showcasing the multiple sides of Molehill. Where the first track is full and synth driven, the second is significantly more emotional, and the final track, “Old Soldier” feels dark and desolate. Although it is hard to really immerse yourself in a short, three song EP, these songs show quite a bit of promise for Molehill’s future releases - hopefully fans won’t have to wait for too long.

Rating: 4/5

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