Brick + Mortar - Dropped Again

Review by Shannon Shumaker

In celebration of acquiring the ownership of the masters of their Dropped EP, Brick + Mortar have released a fully remastered version of the EP, aptly titled Dropped Again. Although not vastly different, the remastered version of the EP finds the duo simply expanding on the strong sounds established on Dropped. The remastered tracks offer a crisp, clean version of an EP that fans have already fallen in love with while giving them two new tracks and even a remix to hold them over until Brick + Mortar’s next release.

Following the seven Dropped tracks is “One Little Pill,” a thumping and bright song with a rather heavy message. Oscillating synth coupled with a groovy rhythm makes for a catchy and perfect progression from Dropped, but despite the high energy sound, it actually discusses depression, prescription drugs and coping mechanisms. It’s pop music with real lyrical content - something that listeners have been looking for more than ever nowadays. Then comes “Great Escape,” a slightly slower track that touches on the dark side of humanity.

Closing out Dropped Again is a high energy remix of “Move to the Ocean.” Although not quite as bright as “One Little Pill” - which honestly would have been a perfect closer - it does offer yet another side of Brick + Mortar before the end. Although Dropped Again only hosts two new songs from the duo, it’ll easily get fans excited for their next release, especially if it sounds anything like these new tracks.

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to "One Little Pill"