Lucky Chops - Walter EP

Review by Dom Vigil

Lucky Chops’ Walter EP is practically dripping with character. Even without lyrics or vocals, these six songs still manage to make you feel, whether it’s excited at the wild songwriting in opening track, “Temple Of Boom” or a sense of somber pride at the powerful “Stand.” These songs are sure to move you, or at the very least, get you moving.

Opening track, “Temple Of Boom” is dirty, fun and filled to the brim with groove while also serving as a perfect introduction to Lucky Chops if this is your first time hearing the brass band. There are a lot of ups and downs in this first song, but it’ll easily worm its way into your head. The following cover of “Helter Skelter” is full of so much energy and fire that it’ll make your head spin.

Things really start to get interesting halfway through the EP on third track, “Walter Jam.” Take everything you think you know about this brass band and throw it out the window, because with a Daft Punk-esque vibe, Lucky Chops are certainly breaking the mold on this one. The next track, “Stand” then follows suit, but at its core is an emotionally powerful track, written in recognition of the Standing Rock's water protectors. Although “Stand” certainly isn’t as chaotic as the song that come before it, it is strong in its intent and still blends seamlessly with the wild, “Daro and Charles’ Magnificent Journey.” The intensity on this second to last track can be a bit overwhelming at times, actually, but the back and forth between the drums and bass clarinet is also simply insane. This is then followed by the stunning final song, “For Connie.”

At its core, the Walter EP is incredibly powerful, emotional and full of character. It’s hard not to get lost in at least a few of these songs, and even though there aren’t any vocals telling you what to feel, it’s very easy to sense the emotion behind the instruments - in fact, that almost makes it stronger. The only downside on this release comes in its length. There’s quite a bit crammed into these intense six songs that it’ll make you long for more and feel exhausted by the end, but that certainly isn’t a bad thing.

Rating: 4/5

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