SYCDVK - Aubrey

Review by Dom Vigil

SYCDVK’s Aubrey is a rather soothing, yet incredibly well written and complex release. Jazzy guitar work situated alongside brass instruments and smooth, timeless vocals carries Aubrey forward, all while chronicling the journey of a young woman who escapes Morocco for the seductive lights of Paris in the sixties. The result is a warm seven song release that is perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons.

Opening track, “Return of the Superhorse” eases you into the album effortlessly, and if you close your eyes, you almost feel as if you’re in the room with the band or even in the dreamy story that they’ve started. Sweeping, relaxing guitar weaves in and out of the song, even during the bigger choruses and softer verses.

Where the first track serves as an easy intro to the album, “Rhino” really gets the story going, expressing a need to get out and escape. As it progresses, “Rhino” grows, feeling as if it’s breathing. The song moves from feeling like a mellow slow jam into wild guitar solos then back down within seconds, helping to further the story and make things feel more frantic without completely changing sound. Then, where the first two songs are very instrumentally driven, the third track, “Aubrey Richad” opens with some incredibly strong vocals.

The really great thing about not only the sound of these songs, but also the story behind them, is how timeless they are. Aubrey is not confined to a single time or place musically, which will certainly give it longevity. The downside is that the sounds on the album can tend to feel a bit sleepy from time to time. The middle of the album finds a slight lull, and vocally, things tend to stay within the same range for the most part. This doesn’t stop SYCDVK from creating intricate little moments to keep things interesting, though. “Dirt Nasty” and “Jazz” are absolutely stunning instrumentally, for instance. And the final track, “Bazaar” will certainly catch you off guard. At first, it threatens to give the album a rather sleepy ending, but within the blink of an eye picks up the pace and becomes one of the most interesting songs on the record.

With Aubrey, SYCDVK establish a stunning, timeless sound all while weaving a beautiful story. These seven songs were each carefully crafted and play well together, leaving you wanting to listen to it all over again by the time the album comes to an end.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "Return of the Superhorse" or "Rhino"