Wake Me - The Safety Abandon

Review by Shannon Shumaker

When listening to Wake Me’s new five song EP, The Safety Abandon, one word keeps coming to mind: Solid. From their well established and hard hitting guitar driven sound to spot-on vocal harmonies and an overall larger than life vibe, Wake Me leave no room to question who they are on this release. Well rounded and epic, The Safety Abandon is a must listen both for Colorado's local music lovers and those looking to discover something fresh and new.

Opening song and title track, “The Safety Abandon” feels a bit dark, but as the song progresses, there’s an obvious balance between the dark (the guitar and bass) and the light, which comes in the stunning vocal harmonies. The guitar tones established in this track are rich and full, something that can be heard on the following four tracks. And where “The Safety Abandon” really gets things going, “Cornerstone” feels like a well established single. This guitar driven track is more melodic than the opener but certainly doesn’t feel out of place, and by the time it comes to an end, you’ll likely find yourself singing along with the chorus.

“Cornerstone” then flows easily  into the slower and darker “From Above,” before then transitioning into the catchier “Never Gonna Let You Go.” As the EP begins to wind down, it is clear that it comes with very few flaws. Production-wise, The Safety Abandon is flawless and incredibly clean sounding. Honestly, the only downside is that the album can come off as a bit one dimensional at times. Although each song certainly does have its own mood and sound, there aren’t many changes from track to track when it comes to vocal patterns and overall tone. That’s not to say that the songs all sound identical, though. The final track, “Starlight,” for instance is absolutely stunning and brings things to an epic conclusion. With more vulnerable sounding vocals, “Starlight” provides that diversity that you might find yourself longing for throughout the EP.

As a whole, The Safety Abandon is an incredibly powerful release, though. Throughout these five songs, there is not one single moment that sounds out of place. Each instrument works together to form a well-rounded sound, one that listeners will easily be able to pick out of a pack as Wake Me. With a future full length, these guys will easily be able to expand on an already well established sound and truly shine.

Rating: 4.5/5

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