Whiskey Autumn - Ice Cream in the Sun

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Just when you think you’ve heard everything that could quite possibly come out of Colorado, a new band comes along and shakes things up once more, and right now that band is Whiskey Autumn. With a timeless electro-pop sound carried by fuzzy instrumentals warm vocal harmonies that’ll make you long for summer, Whiskey Autumn’s Ice Cream in the Sun sounds like nothing else coming out of the state right now, making for a very unique and fun to listen to EP.

The synth heavy opening track, “Dog Days” might take a bit to really kick in - at first, the effects on the vocals might seem a bit much - but by the time the song comes to an end, you’ll be anxious to hear what the rest of the EP sounds like. At their core, these songs are well written and captivating, and the following track, “Human Frailty” drives this home with laid-back, nearly R&B influenced vibes. Much like the opening track, “Human Frailty” feels incredibly mellow and warm, especially in the guitar work. The only downside is in this mellow mood. Because the song comes second, it can tend to make things feel a little sleepy. Thankfully, the band picks up the pace on the following track, “Coney Island” to keep things moving forward, though.

By the time the third song on this EP comes in, there will be no questioning just what Whiskey Autumn are all about, but it’s the fourth track, “07.04.07” that really stands out as one of the strongest songs of the bunch with a very easygoing and feel good vibe. There’s a little bit of everything in this track - warm vibes, stellar vocal harmonies and smart songwriting that will transport you into a different world. And this all comes before the big, dreamy, synth driven final track, “Postcards From Tokyo.”

There aren’t any moments where things don’t sound confident and solid on Ice Cream in the Sun , and that’s exactly what you want to hear from an EP. Whiskey Autumn have done an incredible job of establishing a strong sound that will easily set them apart from the pack. Although short, Ice Cream in the Sun will serve as a strong pushing off point for this group of musicians.

Rating: 4/5

Listen to "07.04.07"

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