Victim Culture - Victim Culture

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Colorado hardcore punk band Victim Culture have created eight explosive songs on their self-titled debut. With each track bleeding seamlessly into the next, these songs are incredibly easy to listen to while quickly transporting you into the dark, gritty world of Victim Culture.

Explosive opening track, “OMDB” kicks things off with fire and rage. Passionate screams really spearhead this song along with strong bass tones and great guitar work. Although at times there are a few lulls throughout the song, overall it establishes a solid sound for the album, the other seven songs following suit. “OMDB” then flows easily into the punchy “NIGHT AFTER NIGHTMARE,” which is driven by energetic guitar work, frantic drumming and big gang vocals. In only two minutes, “NIGHT AFTER NIGHTMARE” manages to transform and change pace quite a few times, showing quite a bit of diversity from the band.

Three songs in, and it’ll be obvious that you really need to listen to this album in one sitting to get the full experience that Victim Culture intended. Each track bleeds easily into the next, making for a relentless, exhausting release. The chaotic, blink and you miss it “NOOSE” hosts some powerful vocal work while the following song, “THE VOID” feels a bit more theatrical and well thought out. The only downside on “THE VOID” is that at times, the strong vocal work can tend to get lost in the guitars. Keeping things chugging along though is “BROKEN TEETH,” which is driven by some of the best drumming and guitar work on the album. “BROKEN TEETH” is frantic and wild and will surely leave you on the edge of your seat.

Contrasting well with “BROKEN TEETH” a few songs later is the slower, yet heavy hitting “HOSTILE,” which comes before the epic final tack, “BLED OUT.” Not only is the last song the longest on the album, but it also showcases all of Victim Culture’s strengths before the end.

Despite the way that the songs on this album bleed together, they never sound too similar. Each track is easy to pick apart from the pack, but together, all eight songs work well together to create one dark, chaotic piece of art. Each song tends to feel like a different act in a play, and by the time the album comes to an epic conclusion, you’ll want to hear it all over again.

Rating: 4.5/5