Sheryl Crow - Be Myself

Review by Dom Vigil

Sheryl Crow’s newest release, Be Myself is catchy, bright and unapologetically candid. Just as the title suggests, Crow is incredibly transparent throughout these eleven songs, giving listeners a look into what makes her tick.

Right off the bat, things start off upbeat and catchy. Opening song, “Alone In The Dark” is about picking yourself up from heartbreak and making things better for yourself. The line, “I’d rather be alone in the dark,” sets the tone for the rest of the record, which is very confident and self-assured. Sheryl Crow doesn’t need anyone but herself to be happy, and that’s very apparent as the record moves forward.

Pick any song on Be Myself, and regardless of how long it has been since you’ve listened to Sheryl Crow (whether it was her most recent 2014 release Feels Like Home or her earlier work) there’s no mistaking that voice and soul. There are no wild sonic changes to her sound to try to fit the mold like many artists are doing lately. Instead, these eleven tracks are just good old fashioned Sheryl Crow songs. Standouts and soon to be classics include the title track “Be Myself,” and and the carefree “Roller Skate.”

The only downside when listening to this album in full is its somewhat slow start. Although the opening track is very upbeat, the second song is a little repetitive and the third is on the slower side, making it hard to grab your attention. This is remedied, however, by the amount of soul and hope in this same song, which is about picking yourself up and getting your life together. The previously mentioned title track is where things really begin to come together, and you’ll find yourself singing along by the time the second chorus comes in. “Be Myself” is the embodiment of pride and self-love in the line, “If I can’t be someone else/I might as well be myself.”

At it’s core, Be Myself is a really honest and real release. Even the slower songs that should feel dark and hopeless have a brightness to them that can’t be dimmed. “Love Will Save The Day,” for instance is full of struggle, but remains hopeful. These themes and the undying light behind this record is a direct reflection of Sheryl Crow. Thoughtful and candid, Be Myself is a very easy to listen to and fun release.

Rating: 3.5/5

Listen to "Be Myself" or "Roller Skate"