Half The Animal - Shapes EP

Review by Dom Vigil

Half The Animal have made one hell of an entrance with their debut EP, Shapes. With these four songs, this California alt-pop quartet not only give listeners and soon to be fans a glimpse inside of their world, but also showcase quite a bit of diversity and promise for future releases. From large anthems to slower R&B infused tracks all the way to guitar driven rock songs, Half The Animal are capable of practically anything, and the Shapes EP just goes to show that.

“Babylon” is the massive intro track that starts the EP off on a high, inspirational note. Powerful lines like “I see the shadow/But I’m still holding on,” delivered alongside pounding and upbeat instrumentals really drive the uplifting tone of the song home, and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger up until the end. Immediately after “Babylon,” though, Half The Animal are quick to change pace with the groovier “If You Want My Love.” Vocally, this second song is stunning, a little seductive and catchy as hell. Where “Babylon” feels like a big alternative rock song, “If You Want My Love” has a more R&B and pop influenced vibe to it.

From “If You Want My Love,” things transition surprisingly well into the hard hitting “Saturday Night.” Although the sounds are nearly polar opposites, the transition from one song to another is nearly seamless, and “Saturday Night” takes the strong vocals from “If You Want My Love” and amplifies them with an explosive full band sound. “Saturday Night” simply shows listeners yet another side of Half The Animal with strong guitars and grittier vocals before taking things right back to the start with an inspirational, massive closer. “Divided” ends things the same way that “Babylon” begins - on a very uplifting and positive note.

Despite the multiple changes in sound and obvious different influences on Shapes, things rarely feel choppy or disconnected from track to track. Half The Animal have done a spectacular job showcasing their versatility while also giving listeners a glimpse into their world. The only downside on Shapes is that it isn’t longer than four songs. If this is what Half The Animal is capable of on an EP, then they’ll only be able to expand on their sound more with a full length.

Rating: 4.5/5

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