Miami Horror - The Shapes

Review by Dom Vigil

Miami Horror’s groovy, 80’s influenced new EP, The Shapes is the definition of colorful. Swapping the dreamy synth and ambient soundscapes of 2015’s All Possible Futures for a more upbeat, bass heavy sound, Miami Horror have made an obvious sonic shift on this record, but one that likely won’t alienate listeners. Instead, the band has created the perfect EP to finally bring winter to a close and make you wish it was summer right now.

“Sign Of The Times” is the perfect introduction to the themes on this EP, making it a great opening track. For those who haven’t listened to Miami Horror before, there will be no questioning who they are and what they’re all about by the time the catchy track comes to an end, and for older fans, it’ll be a quick taste of what exactly to expect from this EP. Warm and incredibly upbeat with just a bit of intensity, “Sign Of The Times” is just the start of an unrelenting, high energy and fun EP.

Where “Sign Of The Times” is very bass driven, “Trapeze” gives a nod to Miami Horror’s previous material with dreamy synth and gorgeous vocals. But with a catchy bassline and strong drums, “Trapeze” is incredibly unique. With each passing song, Miami Horror effortlessly blend modern synthpop with 80’s pop and the result is a very colorful, playful and bold release. The third song “Leila” is the perfect example of this, mixing wild percussion with strong guitar and bass alongside gorgeous synth and fun vocals. The incredible percussion is explored even further in the following song, “Azimba.”

Despite similar themes and influences, each song on The Shapes is very unique, as well. Where “Sign Of The Times,” “Trapeze” and even “Leila” are a nice blend of retro and modern pop, the following “Azimba” and “Dark Love” give a brief nod to African music and give listeners a more tropical, lush sound. The result is something that you’ll be able to listen to over and over again and find something new to enjoy every single time.

Rating: 4.5/5

Listen to "Leila"