George Morris - George Morris

Review by Dom Vigil

George Morris blends synth pop and glam rock with ease on his new self-titled release, creating something dreamy, smooth and incredibly easy to listen to. Instrumentally, these eight songs are striking - simplistic when they need to be and then incredibly complex in the blink of an eye - but what will certainly grab listeners’ attention are Morris’ unique and striking vocals, which sound otherworldly on this release.

Opening song, “100 Years” starts things off warm instrumentally, Morris’ vocals simply the icing on the cake. Despite the rather morbid lyrical content about watching all of your friends die, this first track opens things on a really bright and upbeat note before flowing easily into “Full Of Stars.” Carried by dreamy synth and strong bass, “Full Of Stars” will certainly sell listeners on this release. Not only is this track strong instrumentally, but vocally, George Morris delivers and then some, really showcasing his impressive vocal range when the chorus finally hits, and he does so with ease.

Cute and simplistic, but stunning nonetheless is the third track, “One & Only,” and by this point on the album, the great care that has gone into each track is obvious. Whether on simplistic tracks like “One & Only” or the more complex, “Untitled” that follows, each instrument and sound compliment one another.

Where the first half of the album is a little more upbeat, things begin to change by the time the longing “Round World” and hauntingly beautiful “No Feelings Left” come in. These two songs in particular are very laid back and dreamy, and the rest of the album follows suit. This is both a strength and a weakness when looking at the album as a whole. On one hand, all eight songs flow together with ease. There aren’t any unexpected twists or turns, and that’s totally fine, as the songwriting stands strong on its own. However, the slower ending to the album can leave listeners feeling a little sleepy by the end as the energy begins to dissipate. There are some stand out moments as well, though. Final track, “Still Waiting” not only provides listeners with a stunning conclusion (and vocally, one of the strongest songs on the album) but it also ties things in with the first track, which will leave you wanting to listen to it once more.

At their core, these eight songs are timeless. Although there are many modern synth pop influences present instrumentally, the album also gives off a very retro vibe, something that will easily withstand the test of time. They aren’t wild by any means, but these eight songs are simply stunning.

Rating: 3.5/5

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