Youth In Revolt - The Broken

Review by Shannon Shumaker

Youth In Revolt’s new album may be called The Broken, but the sound on these eleven powerful songs couldn’t be more solid and uniform. Relentless from track to track, Youth In Revolt deliver hit after hit all while further establishing a unique sound and exploring their own songwriting abilities. From aggressive tracks like the high energy opener, “Noise” or fast paced “Not Giving Up” to more vulnerable and emotional songs like “Brisbane” or “Only One.” Chaotic screams will catch you by surprise while stunning clean vocals will have you singing along, and by the time The Broken comes to an end, you’ll want to listen to it all over again.

Youth In Revolt establish themselves with the perfect balance between aggressive instrumentals, screams and melodic clean vocals on opening track, “Noise,” which serves as the perfect opening track. “Noise” is big, bright and doesn’t hold back one bit, leading effortlessly into “Love is a Liar’s Game.” The second song is significantly more emotionally vulnerable than the opener, but that’s not to say that it loses an ounce of energy. The chaotic screams throughout the verses contrast incredibly with the slower melodic chorus.

By the time the third track, “Not Giving Up” comes in, it’s apparent that Youth In Revolt are not holding back on bit on this release. Driven by mind blowing guitar work, complex drumming and fast paced vocals, “Not Giving Up” will make your head spin. Relentless, the band then dives into the anthemic title track, “The Broken.” Lyrically, “The Broken” is incredibly inspiring and empowering. Although the title would suggest a rather hopeless theme, this track couldn’t be more uplifting. It’s like a war cry, and by the time the second chorus comes in, you’re going to want to get up and move or start a revolution as the lyrics suggest.

If Youth In Revolt’s songwriting prowess and versatility aren’t obvious by the time you reach the massive fourth track, then the fifth song, “Brisbane” will certainly win you over. Following multiple high energy songs, “Brisbane” tones things down with a softer acoustic sound at just the right time. Just when you think the album might seem a little one dimensional, the band serves up a track like this one, keeping you on your toes and reminding you that they’re not a one trick pony. By this point on the album, each song stands strong on its own but also flows with the surrounding tracks with ease. This is proven yet again by the following song, “Don’t Wait For Me,” which takes on a more melodic tone and is carried by big choruses and softer instrumentals.

The Broken is simply just hit after hit. As the album progresses, it becomes apparent that there isn’t a single song that sounds out of place or like something you’ve already heard. While the first half of the album is full of fire, aggression and rage, the second half is significantly more emotional, vulnerable and even hopeful. These eleven songs give you a chance to see many different sides of Youth In Revolt, and they’re all spectacular. A softer song like “Alright” is stunning, but no less powerful than the pounding “There For You” or massive “I’m Not Scared.” Then, just before The Broken comes to an end, the band throws you through another loop, providing you with the catchy and fast paced “Sleep” before the emotional closer, “Only One.”

There’s no doubt about it - The Broken is sure to thrust Youth In Revolt even further into the spotlight. With a sound that will easily resonate with the Warped Tour crowd but a message that could easily be universal to listeners of all ages, Youth In Revolt have truly created something special and unique with The Broken.

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "Not Giving Up" or "The Broken"