The Dig - Bloodshot Tokyo

Review by Dom Vigil

The Dig’s newest release, Bloodshot Tokyo is a dreamy, ambient soundscape, peppered with stories of love and creative, timeless songwriting. Opening with the sparkling and confident, “Ordinary Mind,” which really sets the tone for the record, and closing ten songs later with a very selfless and loving “Over The Rails,” Bloodshot Tokyo takes listeners on a journey from start to finish.

Although “Ordinary Mind” is a stunning intro track, things don’t really begin until the timeless and groovy “Jet Black Hair.” On the same page as the album’s intro, “Jet Black Hair” feels confident and polished, but with a few quirks here and there to keep it from sounding too perfect. Vocally, the track is sweet and inviting while dreamy instrumentals transport you into The Dig’s world, and the next song, “Astronaut” follows suit. But shaking things up is “Bleeding Heart (You Are The One),” with a very electric, synth-heavy sound.

From there, Bloodshot Tokyo flows with ease, which is one of the album’s strongest aspects, but can also be its downfall. The transition from track to track is smooth and seamless, making for a very easy listen, but something that will require your full attention to appreciate fully. If not, you’ll blink, and suddenly half of the album has breezed by. That’s not to say that the songs on Bloodshot Tokyo are stagnant by any means, though. Songs like the heartbreakingly beautiful “Tired Of Love” stand out from the pack, reeling you back in before your attention begins to wane. A few songs later, “Let Your Lover Know” is also a standout thanks to the stellar instrumentation that can be found throughout the entire track. The guitar work, while not overly complex, shines right before strong bass comes in and takes over.

It’s also by that point in Bloodshot Tokyo that you might begin to realize a common theme of love that weaves its way throughout the songs. With this theme, a song like the brief and dirty “Reaction To Love,” ties in easily the following sparkly track “Simple Love,” despite their differing and very distinct sounds. At its core, Bloodshot Tokyo is very ambient and dreamy, and it’s with this base sound that The Dig are able to build the stories and more complex sounds that can be found on the album, allowing for a bit of diversity throughout. Some songs remain rather smooth and poppy while others take on an almost grungy sound, but it works.

Bringing the album to a close are the two powerful final tracks - the poetic “Simple Love” and emotional, “Over The Rails.” Although Bloodshot Tokyo doesn’t necessarily end with a bang, you’re bound to feel fulfilled once the final track comes to an end.

Rating: 3.5/5

Listen to "Simple Love" or "Jet Black Hair"