Toy Cars - Sleeping Patterns

Review by Dom Vigil

Although it is only five songs in length, Toy Cars’ new EP Sleeping Patterns feels very full and warm. Emotional vocals spearhead this release, only made stronger by poetic lyricism and a very solid sound from the entire band that makes all five songs feel natural and easy.

Starting things off strong vocally is the emotionally powerful “Bjork.” Poetic lyrics such as “You are the fever that won’t break/The chill that I can’t shake,” are backed by beautiful guitar work and delivered in catchy half-yells for the majority of the song. And when things do slow down, the vocals still shine, softer, but no less emotional.

“Books” is the perfect natural progression from “Bjork.” Where the vocals really shine in the first song, the guitar work stands out in “Books,” but thankfully, the rest of the band doesn’t fall by the wayside. Then comes the heartbreakingly beautiful and stripped down, “Dull,” which splits up the EP, keeping things interesting and keeping listeners on their toes. Although “Dull” is rather simplistic, it is still just as powerful as the first two songs on the EP.

Picking up the pace before the end of Sleeping Patterns is the drum and bass driven and high energy “Stone.” Where the first few songs on the EP feel a little mellow and emotional, “Stone” is a feelgood singalong song, despite the contrasting lyrical content. Coupled with the many different tempo and mood changes, “Stone” is easily one of the strongest songs on the album. Thankfully, the final track, “Albatross” follows suit, leaving listeners with a bright, hopeful ending. By the time that Sleeping Patterns comes to an end, it’s impossible to believe that it is only five songs in length. Playing like a movie with a rather somber beginning, a mellow middle and hopeful ending, Sleeping Patterns is a very fulfilling and unique release.

Rating: 5/5

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