Mansell - Mantra

Review by Dom Vigil

Mansell’s debut LP Mantra is sure to set them apart with groovy bass, catchy vocal work and an overall solid sound that carries things forward from track to track. Although it is on the short side - Mantra is only eight songs in length, with two interludes that clock in at under two minutes in length and an intro track, making for only five full songs - Mansell manage to establish a strong, unique sound that will leave listeners eager for more.

Everything comes together with ease on “Ghost,” the second song on the album, and in no time, there’s no questioning just what you should expect from Mansell. Right off the bat, the driving force behind “Ghost” is the groovy bass line, strong drums and easy going vocal melody. Everything just blends with ease on this song, which then leads easily into “Age,” which takes the grooviness of “Ghost” and mellows things out a little bit. But despite the shift in energy, the strong vocal runs and bass work are still a driving force.

“A Love Immodest” is where things really come to a head right after the album’s halfway point. Much like “Ghost,” every instrument and element to this song just works like a well oiled machine. Bass absolutely drives it, but smooth, moody guitar work, soulful vocals and flawless harmonies round it out, making for one of the strongest songs on the album.

Bringing Mantra to a close is the drum and guitar driven “A Note 2 Myself” and the sensual “King Pleasure.” The final two songs contrast beautifully with one another, proving the perfect amount of diversity before things come to an end, leaving things open-ended for Mansell. While they have established a strong sound with these songs, it is apparent that they’re not a one trick pony, and while a few more songs to expand on their sound would have been appreciated, if anything the short length of Mantra leaves you wanting more.

Rating: 4/5

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