JW Sargent - In Retrograde

Review by Dom Vigil

In Retrograde is the perfect debut EP to introduce listeners to JW Sargent’s beautiful, moody sound. Although it is only four songs in length, there will be no questioning just who JW Sargent is by the time the EP comes to an end. Spearheaded by smooth, emotional vocals and a well balanced push and pull between light and dark instrumentals, In Retrograde makes for a very easy listen.

The opening track, “Constant” kicks things off without hesitation. Right away, the song is brimming with power and emotion, only building as it continues forward. But despite the multiple layers that are added throughout the track, JW Sargent’s stunning vocals are never drowned out, proving to be one of the strongest aspects of the song.

Where “Constant” starts things off on a darker, more moody foot, things really seem to bloom in the following song, “Run,” which hosts a big, bright chorus and beautiful guitar work. Despite the change in mood, though, the vocals are still very consistent in “Run,” making the transition easy. The only downside in the song comes in the bridge, where the vocals tend to get a little lost in the instrumentals, but thankfully, that doesn’t last for long and the song ends on a beautiful high note.

Then comes “Ghost,” which takes us back to the beginning with a slower, more haunting mood. The best part about these changing moods and sounds is how they tie in with the theme of the EP, which is essentially about the illusion of moving backward while in reality, you are making progress. The hauntingly beautiful “Ghost” gives you this illusion not only with the stunning instrumentals, but also by tying in with the mellow opening track.

Bringing In Retrograde to a strong close is the stunning track, “Medicine.” The final song seems to take the strong aspects of the three songs that come before it and merges them all together - the only thing that really seems to be missing is a epic, explosive ending to put the cherry on top. However, “Medicine” still proves to be a strong closer, complete with powerful vocals and beautiful guitar work. By the time it comes to an end, you’ll be longing to hear even more from JW Sargent, which is exactly what a good EP should make you feel.

Rating: 4/5

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