Chase Huglin - You Deserve An Island

Review by Dillon Crader

Chase Huglin’s first full-length record, You Deserve An Island, is something I wasn’t completely expecting. I wont lie, I figured this release would sound a lot less produced sounding, but I think that’s what makes Chase Huglin’s music unique, and this release a little poppier.  A prime example of this is “You Deserve An Island.” With Huglin expanding on his comforting vocals and the heart wrenching lyrics, old and new listeners are bound to fall in love. 

Something about Huglin’s voice and melodies really sets a certain mood and will easily soothe listeners. His voice is full of emotion, especially in songs like “Niagara.” There is only so much a solo artist can do on their own, but Huglin has delivered more than what I expected him to, especially when it comes to the production and quality of his vocals. Huglin’s lyrical content is also one of the strong points of the album. 

Although Huglin delivers fantastically with his vocals and lyrics, everything else tends to fall by the wayside with this release. Apart from songs like “Your Side of the Bed,” where there was some additional instrumentation, such as percussion, the record unfortunately doesn’t pop or shine as much as one would expect. Throughout the album, I found myself waiting for a standout moment, and then would just get lost due to so many similar sounding guitar riffs and melodies. I would love to hear Chase Huglin put more together in these songs, instrumentally. Although there wasn’t a lot of content in each individual song to keep me interested throughout the entire record, Chase Huglin really shines vocally and lyrically, and I am very excited and interested to see what he might do with future releases. 

Rating: 3/5

Listen to "Niagara"