All Get Out - Nobody Likes A Quitter

Review by Dillon Crader

After a long five years since the release of the timeless record, The Season, All Get Out have released their second full-length record, Nobody Likes A Quitter. All Get Out’s cult following have been waiting for this release for such a long time, I was beginning to wonder if it would be nearly as amazing as their previous releases. Though this is a very quick release after their EP Movement, which came out last year, Nobody Likes A Quitter has a lot more to offer and gain then the EP. 

I was like a little boy on Christmas morning when I first got to listen to this album, and lying in bed, I was fully committed to listen to it over and over again. “Room To Talk” starts off Nobody Likes A Quitter in a blissful swell of music that leads right into a wall of sound - a great way to start off the record with a very fast and catchy verse, but a sweet and slow chorus that showcases the superb southern melodies and harmonies All Get Out masters. The next track and first single from the record, “Home,” continues to use the same lyrics from “Room To Talk” but in a different tone and mood. Although using similar concepts and lyrics in different songs can be very hard to pull off correctly, All Get Out does it perfectly. The re-usage of lyrics makes you think a lot of what the two different songs have to say and mean.

The fourth track, “Whatever” is one of the most beautiful and hard-hitting songs I think I have ever heard. The verses are very soft and subtle, while the chorus comes out wailing with a beautiful and driving guitar lead on top of Nathan Hussey’s signature vocals. Like I mentioned earlier, All Get Out has incredible harmonies and melodies, and “Empty Rest” is the best example of this whole record. The next track, and second single, “Get My Cut” is a very simplistic sounding song with a terrific music video parodying Reservoir Dogs to go along with it. 

At this point you are probably tired of me rambling on about how great each individual song is. I’m not really sorry for it either, so I will continue doing so. “ATX” is definitely the oddest song on the record with a very dark and erie sound to it, similar to “Girl, Gun” from The Season. It is a sound that doesn’t really seem to “fit” All Get Out, but they manage to play it off and have created a great track with the different sound. The last song, “Wait List”, is great way to close out the record, with a great display of Nathan Hussey’s powerful songwriting, sounding very similar to his solo project, Hussey. 

Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull and Robert McDowell co-wrote and produced Nobody Likes A Quitter, and because the two bands have always sounded similar, this record tends to sound almost exactly like a Manchester Orchestra record with Nathan Hussey’s vocals. Although that isn’t a bad thing by any means, the sound does tend to bring down the angst and aggressiveness that made All Get Out so unique. However, it has also been five years since the release of The Season, and it’s also understandable that an artist’s writing style and taste in music change - and All Get Out have pulled this one off effortlessly.

All Get Out have definitely grown and matured in their sound, but this album will still keep older fans happy as well. Nobody Likes A Quitter is 100% the best record released this year (so far, though I doubt it will be topped). This is a must listen too for 2016, no questions asked. After waiting a long five years for a second full-length record, Nobody Likes A Quitter has given a die-hard All Get Out fan everything I wanted and more. I’m so excited to see where this album takes All Get Out over the next year and hope it brings them the spotlight that they deserve.

Rating: 5/5

Listen to "Whatever"