5j Barrow - The Journey, Vol. 1

5j Barrow’s newest EP, The Journey, Vol. 1 is the start of something truly beautiful. Although it is only five songs in length, the EP weaves a stunning story of infatuation, love and even a little bit of heartbreak for listeners while providing them with a wide variety of sounds.

Movements - Feel Something

Music is a strange, beautiful thing. It allows artists to wear their hearts on their sleeves and open up to complete strangers while giving listeners the chance to find comfort and community in their shared experiences with someone they might not ever meet. Music at its core serves to make people feel something, and Movements have tapped into just that on their full-length debut album. On the aptly titled Feel Something, the Southern California quartet opens up in hopes that someone will connect with it.

King Leg - Meet King Leg

Meet King Leg, the aptly titled debut album from Rock ‘n’ Roll force of nature King Leg is the perfect introduction to this young yet incredibly seasoned sounding musician. With a sound that takes British and American rock, country and even a dash of R&B and mixes them all together, King Leg has crafted an incredibly unique debut release that will stand the test of time. It sounds like it could have been released decades ago, but instead, Meet King Leg arrives in 2017, when we need a reminder of what good old fashioned Rock ‘n’ Roll was all about.

Long Time - Never Alone

By chronicling the never ending search for one’s place in the world, Long Time’s new full-length album Never Alone offers comfort and understanding for those who don’t quite have it all figured out yet. The Boston-based power trio finds belonging in complex and beautiful soundscapes alongside incredibly unique vocals to create a sound rooted somewhere in between Coheed and Cambria and Manchester Orchestra.

MyChildren MyBride - Vicious World

MyChildren MyBride are back with a bang. The band, comprised of core duo Matthew Hasting and Robert Bloomfield slipped into a five year hibernation following the release of their 2012 self-titled album, but they haven’t lost an ounce of the fire and energy that easily made them one of the most exciting acts in the metal scene. In fact, the band’s newest effort Vicious World finds them bursting with more passion and rage than ever before.

Cherry - Dumbness

It might not hit hard, but Cherry’s newest album, Dumbness is certainly a humbling release. These ten perfectly imperfect tracks easily explore ego, humility and the human condition with surprisingly simplistic yet very personal lyricism and mellow instrumentals. The opening line, “Everybody’s dumb/go and ask anyone” perfectly encompasses the themes of the album, and the following songs just serve to drive this point home.

LAYNE - Wednesday

Wednesday, the second chapter in LA duo LAYNE’s moody saga is the perfect natural progression from their debut EP, The Black Hills. Hypnotic vocals coupled with a slightly poppier tone than their debut makes for four diverse and easy to listen to tracks and one beautiful interlude.

The Lighthouse and the Whaler - Paths

It’s easy to close your eyes and get lost in the stunning sounds on The Lighthouse and the Whaler’s new EP, Paths. Coming just in time for fall and winter, these surreal songs are perfect for curling up at home on a cold day, or taking a drive as the weather begins to change. Stunning vocals, surreal soundscapes and beautiful imagery makes Paths feel like much more than just a five song EP.

Kali Masi - Wind Instrument

Wind Instrument, the new full-length from Chicago’s Kali Masi is an incredibly polished and focused release, proving that hard work certainly does pay off. By blending elements of punk, midwestern emo and even bits of grunge here and there, Kali Masi have not only further established a sound all their own, but even manage to expand on it on this release.

Liam Gallagher - As You Were

Covering a full range of the emotional spectrum while staying true to his signature timeless sound, Liam Gallagher has created an instant hit with As You Were. The twelve songs on this record (fifteen, if you’ve got your hands on the deluxe edition) will take you through peaks and valleys for a surprisingly personal and intimate release. Somewhere between the first song and the last, you’ll find yourself feeling like you know Gallagher personally, making this a very human and relatable release.

August Burns Red - Phantom Anthem

Phantom Anthem, the newest release from metal titans August Burns Red is one of their most uplifting and powerful releases to date. Alongside the band’s trademark chaotic drumming, spectacular guitar and and gritty bass is some of frontman Jake Luhrs’ best lyrical work, depicting a journey to live a better, more meaningful life while acknowledging the good in other people.

Citizen - As You Please

As You Please, the new full-length album from Citizen finds the band at their most emotionally vulnerable and sonically versatile yet. The follow-up to their 2015 album, Everybody Is Going To Heaven, As You Please is a dynamic, energetic and experimental release, one that has given Citizen the chance to expand on their sound quite a bit, all while still delivering that trademark grit that listeners are accustomed to.

Counterparts - You're Not You Anymore

There has been a lot of excitement about You’re Not You Anymore this summer. Counterparts played a couple of their new songs throughout this year's Warped Tour and it was obvious that this album was going to be one of their biggest yet. The band took on a unique approach and set out to capture the best of their sound throughout these songs. 

Circa Survive - The Amulet

Almost thirteen years after the release of their debut album, Juturna, Circa Survive are still turning heads and pushing musical boundaries - this time, with their incredibly well-balanced release, The Amulet. Dancing in between themes of fear, despair and the loss of innocence, which tie in not only with today’s political climate, but vocalist Anthony Green’s own personal growth as well, The Amulet provides listeners with a very honest release. But while things may seem very heavy lyrically, the stunning musical soundscapes on the album make for a very easy listen. Instead of feeling exhausted by the time The Amulet comes to an end, you feel fulfilled - maybe even enlightened.

Mastodon - Cold Dark Place

Following the March release of their epic full length, Emperor Of Sand, Mastodon have returned once more to deliver the haunting and moody Cold Dark Place just in time for autumn. The four song EP was recorded while the band was in the studio for Once More ‘Round The Sun and Emperor Of Sand and gives listeners yet another look into Mastodon’s vast collection of music.

Noah Gundersen - White Noise

White Noise is a landmark album from Noah Gundersen that finds him exploring new sounds with ease and confidence, stepping away from the traditional singer-songwriter fare for something a bit more theatrical, experimental and epic. From brighter tracks like “Number One Hit Of The Summer (Fade Out)” to the electronic “Heavy Metals” or psychedelic “Cocaine Sex & Alcohol (From a Basement in Los Angeles),” there’s much more to White Noise than meets the eye, making this one of Gundersen’s best releases to date.

Enter Shikari - The Spark

Enter Shikari have always been unafraid to speak their minds. The band are no strangers to writing about relevant issues - be it political or personal - but their new album, The Spark finds them exploring uncharted territory both musically and emotionally, making for quite possibly their strongest release to date. Easily their most melodic album, The Spark gives listeners some light in the dark, a sense of hope and community in tough times while simultaneously serving as a sort of therapy for frontman Rou Reynolds and documenting Enter Shikari's journey into a new sound. This combination makes for an emotional, thought provoking journey from beginning to end.

Frank Iero and the Patience - Keep The Coffins Coming

Since the release of Parachutes nearly a year ago, Frank Iero and the Patience have been touring non-stop, but sometime in the midst of an insanely busy eleven months, the band found the time to pen Keep The Coffins Coming, a short but sweet EP that perfectly bridges the gap between their 2016 release and Stomachaches. Since the release of their 2014 debut album, Frank Iero and the Patience have become a different band entirely (seriously, they even go by a different name now) but Keep The Coffins Coming does a great job at filling in those empty spaces - it’s the missing link, as Iero calls it.

Emarosa - 131 Reimagined

Emarosa have reimagined four of the most powerful songs from their most recent album, 131, and they’ve done so in the most unexpected way possible. Rather than churning out a simple acoustic album to give fans something to chew on until their next release, it is apparent that the band has taken great care in reworking “One Car Garage,” “Helpless,” “Miracle” and “Blue” for this release. No two tracks sound the same, and the new sounds on these already familiar songs will make listeners hear them with an entirely new pair of ears.

The Creepshow - Death At My Door

For the past twelve years, The Creepshow have been dominating the punk/psychobilly scene with their own high energy, unapologetic brand of good old fashioned rock n’ roll, and their new album, Death At My Door is no exception. With unrelenting energy and just the right amount of diversity to keep things interesting, Death At My Door makes for a timeless, yet very timely release. This is something the punk rock world needs right now.